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lots n lots of content, good use of HTML. Really cool subpages!

Sourgirl's page
Interesting subpages, and quite a bit of content. But needs a tad bit more HTML.

Citrus Kissez
*** 1/2/*****
Cool subbies, and good use of HTML. Good sense of color (lime and yellow w/ black bg).

short and sweet
*** 1/2/*****
Cool page, and color schemes, but she needs a little bit more subbies! Good use of HTML, and fun stuff!

Shiny Gold Glitter
*** 1/2/*****
good site and subbies...but nowadays, i think that everyone should make their own layout. Fantastic page.

Ninja Scroll Craze
Now, i don't know a lot about anime, but i did research, compared it to other Ninja Scroll pages, and this one was better. Lots of content, keep up the great work!

Cool site, and lotsa subbies..but it needs a bit more HTML. Really cool site, though!!

Great layout and it's really nice n everything..but where's the content? There's some subbies..but I can't seem to find some actual content.

Best Rainbows Forever!
** 1/2/*****
Cute, for a starter site, not quite enough subbies, though. Cute page!

::mysterious clouds::
cute page, and she made her own layout! ya! lotsa content, keep up the great work!

Cute page, here's someone who made her own layout! A little bit more content would be good though!

holding up the sky
omg. what a great page! lots of content, and an awesome layout to go with it. just a perfect page. keep it up!

endless love
another perfect site, love the html and content, your own layout and everything! keep up the great work! love it to pieces.

Wow! GREAT SITE! Tons of content with an absolutely adorable layout. Keep it up!

Great site, and cute layout!

Sweet Dreams...
Lots of cool stuff to do on this site! Great work!

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