these are my past layouts. Please don't take any because I worked really hard on them and I don't want someone to just take one and say "Oh well, she won't notice. She probably won't care," I do care. So don't take any of my layouts.

layout 1-I didn't actually make this layout. I got it from angel wishes, but I did change it quite a I did make part of it.

layout 2- ah! my first layout I made by myself. well, it's not that good, and at the moment i'm still learning a lot of html, so give me a break. this layout was up for probably less than a week.

layout 3- this layout is basically the same as my 2nd layout, but with different graphix because it was Valentines day.

layout 4- Fairy Krazee...I like this layout. it was really simple, but easy to navigate.

layout 5- ditto.. i luved it! i luved it sooo much! but I changed my layout (finally!) cuz it was on for too long. it had 2 frames, not the first time that I did that. But it was so simple, but it was so great to have!

layout 6- rainbow? ugh please don't remind me...something that was thrown together in a dash.

layout 7- ok, this one was ok, i guess..but it was up for about..hmm..2 days? Ok, i admit i didn't like it, but some ppl actually did, that's sorta scary.

layout 8- cute, simple, one of my faves. Winnie the gotta love him.

layout 9-I spent so much time on this one...i loved it so much! April was on for the whole month.

layout 10-i've already made 10? accidentally deleted the main part of the layout. At least I have a spalsh page. This layout was on for 2 months..Around that time I didn't have a lot of time to update my site. It had a blue theme, skyblue. I think it was one of my best layouts!

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