Custom Banners
I thought that if i added a custom banner page with the fonts n stuff on it, itd be easier for you to order one. So here goes....pick a font. Email it to me saying Font #_. fill out the _ with the font number (which is written beside/below the font). Then, also tell me if you want a doll on it, what type of doll, what color hair..stuff like that. if you can send me an attachment of the doll, that's be great! Describe it as well as you can, color schemes, themes...etc. So, on with the fonts..oh, and if you like a particular font that i didn't list, sya so in your email, even if it's not listed here, i may have it, but be sure to send your second choice that is listed below. *sigh*. On with the fonties!

font 1
font 2
font 3
font 4
font 5
font 6
font 7
font 8
font 9
font 10
font 11
font 12
font 13
font 14
font 15
font 16
font 17
font 18
font 19
font 20
font 21
font 22
font 23
font 24
font 25
font 26
font 27
font 28
font 29
font 30
font 31

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