My buds

Natasha- nasha's her nickname. One of my best buds, right in the middle, not too hyper, and not too goody-two shoes (ahem, Brenda). She can however, be really hyper and forget all the rules (then you come in, Brenda!). She's really fun to have around.

Trisha- Trisha, a hyper one. But surprisingly enough, she can be serious (once in a decade, maybe lol). A good friend, cuz she's always there when you need a lending hand. Not really a friend over the net, though. She hardly has an online life.

Brenda- My level-headed friend. Always setting me straight. Practically perfect..but can go absolutely hyper when she's really excited. One of my best friends.

Shealynn- ah! Shea...always come to her for a good laugh, she's always really hyper! Good friend at school and over the net.

Brianna- words can't describe Brianna...just totally goofy at all times, never really takes anything seriously, cept for when there's consequences. (toilet paper...) Don't mind that comment, just an inside joke.

Sandy- A friend that always nice, polite and everything! Just always a sweet loving angel, lol. not really, but she's almost perfect, and a really good friend.

Hayley- A real funky friend! Not really hyper, but she is really artistic, and just loves to draw. Really nice, and a good friend to depend on.

Ashley- Too kooked up about her looks! How's my hair??? Is it ok??? lol. A little too glamorous, but an awesome friend. Loves doing makeovers... (heh heh, Shea..)

Hillary- Really active...totally hyper..all the time! She loves sports, great at Scrabble! (lol). But she's even more of an online friend than an offline friend, she doesn't have a site yet, but she says she'll have one up someday!

Rebecca- Love that long...wavy auburn hair! And it doesn't get messy! Wow! She does get pretty obsessive about her hair, but she has every reason'd understand if you ever saw it.

Well, that's about it...and if you're a friend I know offline, and I didn't mention you...sorry! The ppl up there are my best buds!

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