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Bills commence Buffalo Farewell Tour 

Like some great players have their "farewell tour," the Buffalo Bills are about to start that long road, saying goodbye to their fans who supported them since 1960. The handwriting is on the wall for all to see.

It all started when Ralph Wilson announced that the Bills were going to play 8 games in Toronto in the next five years. He is obviously getting his foot in the lucrative Toronto market where the Bills can charge over $200 per seat and make $9.75 million a game as opposed to the $3 million grossed at Orchard Park.

With this said, the biggest sign on the bathroom wall is one that tells of Ralph reaching the ripe old age of 90 come this October. Not too many men live that old, let alone older. Ralph is fighting the odds and his living is the only thing that is keeping the Bills in Buffalo.

Wilson has not made any arrangements in his will to keep the Bills in Buffalo. None of his family wants to inherit the team, so that means that when Mr. Wilson passes onto the football field of dreams, the Bills fate will be put into estate court. The highest bidder will walk off with this storied franchise.

So let the farewells and the recollection of great memories begin. The Bills Farewell Tour is underway!

Bills fans buy season tickets at record numbers!

The Bills fans have flocked to the ticket office in almost record numbers. The have sold the second highest seasons in their history, selling 56,011 by late August. The Bills season ticket record was 57,132  in 1992. Most feel that the reason for the big increase in ticket sales is that the team may not be here for long, in light of the Toronto scenario.

One might call them the Schizophrenic Bills fans. Itís a tough call trying to split your emotions between rooting for the Bills on the field and against them in the front office. I found myself split when watching the Bills on TV from Toronto. Here there were the Bills playing in their "future home" and I was hoping to see a lot of empty seats. I for one hope that the Toronto Bills series is a dismal failure.

I cannot and will not support the Bills financially. The hardworking taxpayers of WNY have stuffed the pockets of billionaire Ralph Wilson long enough and he still wants more. Even if I get a free ticket to see the Bills, I will not attend a game in the egotistically called Ralph Wilson Stadium.

On the other side of the coin, I have to separate my emotions and not stop watching the Bills altogether. I found myself rooting for the Bills on the field, even though I was not cheering or clapping aloud like in the old days. It will be hard splitting my emotions like this the following few years. However, I will stick to my guns and hope that Wilsonís Toronto experiment fails, while the Bills hopefully make the playoffs for the first time in a decade. Call be your normal Schizo Bills fan!


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