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Bills offense stalls again against Texans

The Buffalo Bills only have one home win in their last 9 games. How pathetic is that from a team that 15 years ago was a terrible place for opposing teams to play in Buffalo. Now opponents find playing in Buffalo a great place to record a win. The Bills were up on the Houston Texans 10-9 after 3 quarters and then collapsed to lose 31-10.

"Terrible," reflected defensive end Chris Kelsay about the Bills only winning one home game in nine. "It's embarrassing. It's easy to understand why our fans are upset and demanding change and everything you hear about. You can't really argue with them."

Nine first downs in the entire game! Some teams get 9 first downs in one drive. The Bills? Their offense is going backwards, not forwards. Maybe they will get a tad better when Trent Edwards returns from his concussed state, but probably not much.

The Bills are continuing to be the laughing stock of the league. It's bad enough that the Bills fans have to put up with the inept play of the Bills offense, but now we have to bear the ridicule from the national media. On ESPN, in the title of the recap it referred the Bills offense as being "sadsack."

"It was easy," laughed Texans linebacker DeMeco Ryans. "They kind of had the same (offensive) formations. They didn't give us a lot of motions and things. So it was a simple offense to go against."

The Bills offense is pretty offensive. The entire team is a joke, from the owner on down. It's now going on 10 years without a playoff appearance, the fans may have to show their discontent over the direction they are taking by boycotting games.

There's a Bills rap song they play every week on WGR 550 sports radio, "Let's go Bills!" The people who sing that put more effort into their work than the Bills offense. If the rappers efforts equaled that of the Bills, all you would hear would be belching!

Byrd only bright spot of the game

Bills Rookie safety Jairus Byrd continued to dazzle the crowd with 2 more interceptions, making that 7 in the least 4 games. The second pick set up the only Buffalo TD, a 29-yard reverse run by Terrell Owens. Incidentally, Byrd went down in the 4th quarter with a groin injury.

There’s been way too many injuries the past two years on this team. Thurman Thomas, on WGR Sports Radio Monday said that ever since Rusty Jones was let go, the Bills have not been as fit or healthy as they were during the glory years.

Bills Thunder going into mothballs

I am sorry to report that I am going into a Bills hiatus until further notice!

This is going to be my last Bills Wrap on Bills Thunder until the team is competitive and management shows that it is trying to field a contender.

It's been 10 years since they last made the playoffs, and that was in 1999 when they lost in that infamous "Home Run throwback" game, or what some call the Music City Miracle. However, it wasn't a miracle to Bills fans who are still suffering and haven't seen any improvement in this team. In fact, it has regressed, from the coaching staff that wouldn’t even be considered for coaching jobs in college. The owner is 91 and is only interested in getting as much money as he can to take it with him when he goes to the Field of Dreams. Until the Bills show that they are going to put a competitive product on the field, I am retiring from writing my articles. I have been putting more effort into my articles that the team is putting on the field. Until the Bills organization proves that they are going to actually be competitive and a contender, I will spend my time more wisely.

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