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Bills get fried in Miami heat

Ugh! That best describes the Bills performance against the Dolphins Sunday afternoon. Going up against the previously winless Dolphins, the Bills put on a worse performance than the one they had in Toronto last year against Miami. The Fish fried the Bills 38-10 and the season is quickly going down the tubes. Just how long head coach Dick Jauron can survive the wrath of owner Ralph Wilson remains to be seen.

Wilson obviously had firing on his mind when he forced Jauron to let go of offensive coordinator Turk Schonert right before the regular season. It was to be taken as a last warning, a final chance to get things right this season. If the Bills keep playing like they did on Sunday and continue to lose, Jauron won't make it to Thanksgiving.

Trent Edwards had a horrid performance, completing 14 of 26 for 192 yards and three picks. Edwards, who is terrified to throw deeper than 8 yards, even had two of his short passes intercepted, one for a touchdown. Next week the Bills play the winless Browns. Maybe they should continue to lose so t hey have a chance for Tim Tebow. Certainly Edwards is not the Bills quarterback of the future, so they need to start scouting for some good ones in the draft for next year.

The biggest slap in the face for the Bills is that they made rookie QB Chad Henne look like the second coming of Bob Griese, as he completely outplayed Edwards. With Chad Pennington out for the year, this was the Bills chance to really harass Henne, but instead he tore the Bills defense apart.

Bills laughing stock of the NFL

The Bills are the Biggest Joke in the NFL. They have been that for most of the last decade. It hasn't been since 1999 when they were last a relevant team. Their 91-year old owner is more interested in selling out his Toronto date than supplying a competitive team. He needs a bunch of yes men working for him as he does not want to hire a qualified head coach or GM that could help the Bills get back to the playoffs.

The fact that Dick Jauron is still the Bills coach after a third straight 7-9 season last year is amazing. The way the Bills are going, they will be lucky to win 3 games this year. My prediction is that Jauron will be gone by mid season as Wilson was irritated with the preseason, and that didn't even count. My second prediction is that, with Wilson being as cheap as he is, will promote Alex Van Pelt as the new "Interim head coach."

If the fans in Toronto are willing to pay $200 a seat for this sewage called the Bills, then I have an oceanfront property in Arizona to sell some of those suckers!

Sacrificial lamb?

Turk Schoert was the sacrificial lamb. Wilson didn't want to admit that he made a serious mistake in retaining coach Jauron after last season. Wilson's reasoning was that Jauron was the cheapest coach he could get and that he had the "Yes Man" he had wanted for years. Jauron never argued with him like previous coaches or GMs. No, Jauron was someone who Ralph was very comfortable with and that was crucial for the 91 year-old owner. Another thing that has been brought up is the fact that if Wilson fires Jauron mid-season or at the end of it, he will still have to pay the rest of his contract, which has a little less than 3 years to go. Jauron signed a 3-year, $3 million contract according to sources. Wilson, who was sued by Wade Phillips when he refused to pay him the remainder of his contract, may be hesitant to fire Jauron just for that reason.

Now there is no hiding the fact that either Wilson has to eat crow and fire him soon or let Jauron stay the rest of the season. If he does the latter, the Bills may end up with the overall #1 draft choice next April. That may not be a bad thing as the Bills definitely need a quarterback of the future, which Trent Edwards is not.

Next week the Cleveland Browns will be coming to Buffalo, hoping to also get their first win against the Bills. The way the Bills have been playing, it may not be wise to bet against the Browns.

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