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Brady injury puts AFC up for grabs

Suddenly, the landscape in the AFC East has undergone a massive earthquake. The Patriots now have to face an entire season without NFL MVP Tom Brady at quarterback. That instantly boosts the chances of both the Buffalo Bills and New York Jets for making the playoffs and a chance at the division title.

The Bills beat the Seattle Seahawks 34-10, while the Jets squeaked by the Miami Dolphins. Even the Pats won without Brady for most of the game and the AFC will be wide open this year for the first time in many seasons.



Cool Edwards beats the heat

In yet another squeaker against the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Bills snuck by the Jags 20-16 to go 2-0 in the season. This is the first time they've opened winning their first two games since 2003. That's when they beat the Patriots in opening day 31-0 and then beat the same Jags in game 2. From there, it all went down hill for the Bills and then Bills QB Drew Bledsoe. This time the Bills hope they can keep their streak going.

Bills second year quarterback Trent Edwards put in a workman-like performance as he completed 20 out of 25 passing for 239 yards and a touchdown.



Edwards rallies comeback win against Raiders

Bills now atop of the AFC at 3-0

Down by 9 points in the fourth quarter, the Bills rallied again to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

Trent Edwards, who was having a horrid day, suddenly turned all that around and drove the Bills down the field on two long drives that produced the ten points the Bills needed for the win. By beating Oakland 24-23, the Bills are now 3-0 for the first time since 1992.



Bills batter Rams 31-14

Buffalo 4-0 after strong second half

If there ever was a "trap game," the Bills fell into a big Rams trap when they entered the field in St. Louis. The Bills were entering the game 3-0 and the Rams were the complete opposite at 0-3.

The Rams came out and stopped the Bills offense and Trent Edwards, throwing intense pressure onto the second year signal caller. Meanwhile, the Rams were able to take 14-6 lead at halftime and it looked as if Buffalo was going to suffer its first loss.


The wheels come off in Arizona

Trent Edwards and the Bills didn't know what hit them. A team called the Arizona Cardinals knocked some sense into them. After being so giddy with their 4-0 start, the Bills were brought down to reality by the angry Cardinals.

The Bills game couldn't have started off any worse. On the 3rd play of the game, Trent Edwards was knocked unconscious by a brutal helmet-to-helmet hit by Cardinals safety Adrian Wilson. Edwards was on the field motionless for several minutes. He was helped off the field and then rode a cart out of the stadium. He suffered a concussion and it is fortunate that the Bills have a bye next weekend.


Bills get a Charge out of black out!

Buffalo overcomes power outage to short circuit the Chargers

Where were you when the lights went out? That's what Bills fans were asking each other after the Bills played San Diego on Sunday. The power went out in Ralph Wilson Stadium and the Bills shorted out the Chargers by beating them 23-14. The Bills found a way to shut down the powerful Charger offense, short-circuiting any hopes they had of coming out of Buffalo with a winning record.

There was a major power outage that affected all the power in and out of the stadium, shutting down the Jumbotron, all the side scoreboards, and the CBS network feed of the game. The power to the stadium was off right at game time, went on briefly and then was on and off throughout the game.



Bills self-destruct in Miami

Speak about your 4th quarter meltdowns, this was probably one of the worst in Buffalo Bills history. Four turnovers, a safety, and a shoddy performance by the entire team resulted in the Miami Dolphins to embarrass the Bills 25-16. The score was closer than the actual play on the field.

The Bills allowed the Dolphins to take over the game in the final quarter, but there were signs right from the start that this game was going to be trouble for the Bills to win. On the opening drive, Chad Pennington showed that he can throw a long ball after all as he hit Ted Ginn on the first play from scrimmage for 46 yards which set up the opening score. Then Ginn had a 64-yard reception later on to set up yet another score.



Bills mistakes propel Jets

After the Bills roared to a 4-0 start this season, the Bills media and fans were confident that this would be the year the Bills would break their playoff drought. The media was downright giddy, looking over the schedule and predicting the Bills would not lose more than 5 games.

How all that has changed in just two weeks. The Bills, who hadn't played one AFC East foe until last week, now are 0-2 against their divisional rivals. They were once again humiliated, this time at home and against the Jets by a score of 26-17. It was not pretty. In fact, the Bills put on their scariest performance of the year on Halloween weekend.



The Genius does it again!

Pats have 10-game winning streak against Bills

For the 10th straight time, Bill Belichick's Patriots whipped their favorite patsy, the Buffalo Bills. The score was more respectable than other recent slaughter, a mere 20-10 win. However, this may be the most impressive victory that Belichick has had against the Bills in quite some time.

The reason? Key injuries at key positions. Yes, the Bills also have key injuries, but they don't overcome them like the Patriots. To the Bills, the injuries are their exuse. For Belichick's Pats, injuries are never used as an excuse.



Ghosts of Super Bowl past haunt the Bills

Wide right! Those are two of the most dreaded words in Buffalo sports history. That and "No goal", followed by "Homerun throwback" and you have in essence the three biggest failures of Buffalo sports teams.

The Buffalo Bills had "Wide right" revisited on Monday Night Football. This time, it wasn't Scott Norwood hanging his head over blowing a game-winning field goal. This time, a new actor plays that character in the Bills continuing tragedy/comedy. The Bills lost 29-27 and are now out of the playoff race. It was Buffalo's 4th straight loss, after starting the season 4-0 and then going to 5-1 when they beat the Chargers.



Edwards redeems himself with great game in KC

Redemption! That was the title of the 2-hour movie for 24 Sunday night on Fox. Redemption was also the theme for both the Bills and quarterback Trent Edwards when they blasted the Kansas City Chiefs 54-31 Sunday. It was the second highest points the Bills ever scored in team history, and the most points in 42 years.

It may have been against the lowly KC Chiefs, but it must have been a great relief to Bills fans seeing the Bills offense finally get untracked and score so many points.



Bills score only 3 against 49ers

Playoff hopes down the drain again

After scoring 54 points against the Chiefs, the Bills could only muster 3 against the lowly San Francisco 49ers in a 10-3 loss. This loss virtually guarantees that the Bills will reach the decade mark for not being in the playoffs. The last time the Bills made the playoffs was in 1999, the year they lost to the Titans in that wildcard game that was later named the Music City Miracle.

Rian Lindell missed two crucial field goals, one which was shorter than a PAT, from 20 yards out. The other was from 40 yards out. Both clanked off the upright and now it may be time for the Bills to change kickers. Even if he had made those two field goals, the Bills would have been short a point.



Bills put Toronto fans to sleep in loss to Dolphins

This is the product that some people spent over $200 to see! Lets hope that when the University of Buffalo Bulls come to Toronto and play in the International Bowl, they will do a better job in representing Buffalo than the Bills did on Sunday. Playing the first NFL regulation game ever in Canada, the Bills laid an egg. They lost to the Miami Dolphins 16-3, making it two straight games where they only scored on a field goal. The Bills offense has been inept recently, to say the least.



Coaching blunder squanders victory over Jets

Chris Berman had the old saying during the Bills glory years of the early 90s.. "No one circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills." Maybe Berman should change that to "No one shoots themselves in the foot like the Buffalo Bills."

The Bills have found more ways to snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory than any team in the NFL. With the Bills leading 27-24 and the clock winding down to the 2 minute warning, Bills coach Dick Jauron put in a passing play on 2nd and 5 from their own 27. J.P. Losman rolled out right and got sacked by Jets safety Abram Elam. While going down, Losman lost the ball and in the wild scramble that pursued, Shaun Ellis scooped it up and rambled the remaining 11 yards for the winning score. The Jets got an early Christmas present from Jauron and the Bills, winning 31-27.



Bills upset Broncos in attempt to save Jauron

The Bills won one for the Gipper. The come-from-behind win was definitely one where the players put forth an extra effort in an attempt to save coach Dick Jauron his job. With continuous media and fan heat to can the coach, the Bills players decided to take this into their own hands and play one of their most emotional games of the year.

The Bills, down 13-0 to start the game, came roaring back and turned the game into a good old fashioned AFL-type shootout. In the end, the defense was able to stop the Broncos from scoring yet another tying TD and stop their drive in the red zone. The Bills won 30-23 in Mile High Stadium to up their record to 7-8.

Trent Edwards had a slow start in the cold, but sunny conditions in Mile High Stadium. The Broncos were able to take a 13-0 lead, but Edwards got warmed up eventually and led the Bills to their 7th victory. He was 17 of 25 for 193 yards and one TD. Even more important, Edwards seemed to grow more confident as the game progressed and may have found some of the lost spark that he had when the Bills opened 4-0 and 5-1.



Gale winds and Patriots shut down Bills

The long torturous season is finally over. After winning their first 4 games and getting the hopes up for playoff starved fans, the Buffalo Bills did what they know how to do best...blow it. The Bills haven't made the playoffs now going on ten years and the way it looks, it may be another ten years before they have a chance to contend again.

The Bills, hoping to be spoilers, didn't live up to the job as the New England Patriots handled the Bills and the hurricane force winds, shutting out the Bills 13-0. The only Buffalo Bill who showed up was Freddie Jackson, who ran over 100 yards in this game. Jackson carried 27 times for 136. However, he could not reach the endzone and neither could any other Bills.



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