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Ranma 1/2
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a picture ;)

Hello and welcome ot the new and improved anime files! I'd like to thank you for your patience and the images you all sent me. And I'd like to thank my family for letting me hog the computer for hours at a time ;) The sight has a new look, but the rules are still the same. You may take any thing you like from this sight, images, HTML, java script, you name it ... any thing but my fan fiction.

You might have noticed I added an area for fan fiction. Mine is half finished, and I'd like you to read it. If any of you are like me you want to get as many people to read your fanfic. as possible. If this is so E-mail your fanfic and a link to your sight and I'll gladly add it. If you like mine feel free to put it on your sight, as long as there is a link to my sight ;)

Thank you and please feel free to come back when ever you like. If you have any questions or comments E-mail us