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Passing ghosts, Heres the host, Talk of nothing matters most.
"Urban Fracture", "Whats the matter?", "Only I am lost"!
Rip blade Doomsday, Cutstring, Way they go away. Die love.
Icebreaker are words misused, Enough, Those shameless view.
Icebreaker shall sail right through, Cold mirror gives icy clues.
Passing ghosts, Heres the host, Talk of nothing matters most!
"Urban Fracture", "Whats the matter"? "Only I am lost".
Notice shells, ails the well, Smile of hell dosed phantoms will.

"Future Answer"
"Does It Matter?"

~ Deaths The Only Thrill ~

Skinny Puppy Were, Are, and will be "Forever" a dark Icon in the
"Cyber Industrial" & "Noise Core" music forums, The fathers to
"Audio Sculpture" for sure, and "Creators" "If You Will" to a music
format all its own that agressivly forces achknowledgment of the
condition of humanity, the dying environment we continue to
consume and the infected state of the world at large. Many have
tried to copy them in one form or another with little to no recogonition
to the trio that conceived such audio brilliance. Their music still stands
alone even today and probably forever, never to meet another equal.


Defines True "Thought Industry" Period!

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