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Practical Magick: Spellcraft Series

Personal Faith

The second important ingredient in both Spellcraft and the Witches Pyramid after personal "will" is personal "faith." What is "faith" in this context? Our previous column of Practical Magick touched on the consequences caused by a person who doubts their own credibility and over reacts by "assisting" those things they have set into motion with further actions. We found that those choices can not only be counter productive, but also damaging to ourselves. Instead, we need to understand that actions are just like stones thrown into a pond, creating "waves" in ALL directions.

Personal faith is believing in your ability to change something willfully. Although, it is best if these choices are made out of your own "will and faith" rather than "guilt and fear." (The respective opposites.) Each time a choice is made out of either guilt, fear, or both, power is taken away from the individual. However, the opposite happens when the same choices can be made out of an effort to uphold personal conviction. Personal conviction is an important motivating power behind personal will and faith because when convictions are maintained, power is built up inside the person.

How does this all fit together when it comes to power projection you might ask? An appropriate saying I learned as a child might apply here; "Treat those things that are not as though they WERE!" In other words, when you set in motion an action, relax with the knowledge that a change will be taking place, no matter if you can see it right away or not. Remember the law of cause and effect, "for every action there is a REACTION."

For the person who is starting out at square one with personal faith, making choices this way might sound impossible. However, early in this teaching I spoke about not underestimating the power of "baby steps." Just like our "will," our faith also needs to be cultivated in order for it to grow. (How do we do that?) It's not a hard thing to build personal faith if we are consistant. Faith takes PATIENCE...and to have patience we need to exercise our "will." (Sound familiar?) Tell yourself "I WILL have patience with (fill in the blank.)" Start with something small that you know you will succeed with and build on that. Over time, you will find a pleasent change in your mental and psychological outlook on things. Your faith, confidence, credibility, and your outlook itself will completely change.I found that I have almost taken a "for granted" approach to things I put my faith in because of the successes I have seen in my life over the years of practicing this lifestyle.

Remember, start first with baby steps. We first need to learn to walk before we can learn to run.

Practical Magick