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Stepping Stones

How often do we wait to create space for Spirit in our lives? We wait for the right time; we wait until that deadline is met, the kids are in bed, until we're not worried about the bills getting paid. We put off communion with Spirit until we have set up a perfect altar, until we have the correct color candle or the right incense. We decide that we can't have a real spiritual practice yet because we're still looking for a teacher, or haven't gotten the latest Llewellyn publication. We offer ourselves dozens of excuses and reasons why we can't make time for spirituality in our lives, but ultimately, all those excuses are empty words.

Spirit is within us. Whether you define Spirit as God, Goddess, Universe, or don't have any word at all for that which holds our souls, it is within us. So many of us are spiritual seekers; perhaps at this point in time there are more of us seeking that deep connection, that missing piece, than ever before. We are so busy looking all around us that we're missing what's inside. We need to learn to be still, to be quiet. We need to listen for the voice of Spirit in the whisper of the wind, in the beating of our hearts.

My desire is that this column will serve as a reminder to stop, to let go of the need to create a perfect atmosphere and to grasp the moment --this moment, perhaps-- to feel Spirit in your life. Our spirituality is not a destination, but a lifelong path, perhaps even a series of stepping stones, providing us with foundation under our feet and leading us ever forward.

I've been asked to do a brief bio' by way of introduction, so here goes. I'm a writer of both non-fiction and poetry, and have published a few articles in SageWoman and Circle Network News. Currently I'm co-authoring a book (in its embryonic stages) on creating ritual in our lives, and will be co-teaching workshops on this same topic. A Reiki Master for 2 + years, I practice & teach Reiki, and love sharing this empowerment and healing with others. I never like attaching labels to my spiritual path, but my usual answer is "Goddess-loving Pagan". I'm married and have two sons, 12 & (nearly) 19, and two cats. I'm outreach coordinator for Womongathering, and in case that's not enough, I work nearly full-time in a public library. There is no place I feel more at home than the ocean (sadly I only get there a couple of times a year), but spend hours in the woods whenever I can. I'm honored to be writing for Thoughts, and hope that I can offer something that will be of use to each of you. Blessed Be!

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