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My claim to fame is not founded in really any particular Wiccan tradition that I am aware of. However, I am a Witch in my eyes because I live a lifestyle that flows within the foundational teachings of the Craft.

My name is Ron. However, I am known online as "New York Witch" or Kennokai - (now-yet-key) which is taken from local Native American dialect. The name has stuck simply because I am a creature of habit. Thus comes the name "NYwitch." :)

My background is founded in the Full Gospel movement. I have had some bible schooling, led worship teams at various times in my life. (Donna's the singer in this duo though, I play guitar.) I also have been exposed to many many areas that deal with spiritual gifts. My parents taught me biblical principles and did their best to bring me up within a stable environment. I love the United States and am a very patriotic person in spite of the fact I don't necessarily agree with some of the things we are doing at the moment. I spent several years in the Army and traveled extensively during that time. (And believe it or not, this military service contributed GREATLY in the area of my spiritual development.) Presently, I am a continuing education student at Cazenovia College; Social Services for Children and Youth/Human Services major.

My entrance into Witchcraft came about shortly after moving to New York State in 1990. During this time I was searching for some answers that dealt with rebuilding a persons self esteem. (Mine was in bad shape during this time in my life.) I also possessed "lots" of head knowledge about spiritual things but lacked practical application, faith, and emotion concerning these beliefs. This caused much inner confusion because at that time I needed something stronger than myself to call upon. I came to the point that praying didn't work because I lacked faith, both in myself and my beliefs. I also discovered that as I shared this with others, they either did not have answers or were struggling with an even greater issue. What I discovered in Witchcraft not only turned my life around spiritually, but mentally and physically as well.

The books I began to read dealt with teachings taken from the White Witchcraft movement that took place within the late 60's and early 70's. The original Witches Pyramid was something I discovered and decided to base my life upon. (will, faith, and love) This "pyramid" was one of which consisted in teaching me how to empower myself through "willfully" changing how I made my decisions each day. EVERYTHING was to be based on integrity. Frankly, with this practice, integrity is at the top of the list of characteristics to strive for and I had a long ladder to climb. However, through what my wife told me were the "power of baby steps" I began to willfully change myself and the process continued.

To "will" is to "build" and what you are building is credibility. Credibility builds faith in yourself. Faith in yourself builds faith in divinity. Faith in divinity builds love. Love builds enthusiasm. enthusiasm builds power. Power builds CHANGE.

The psychology of self esteem, my lifestlye, my practice in Witchcraft. Along with this, I embrace a relationship with divinity in the God/dess aspect because of my belief in only one divine power. Divinity with male and female characteristics.

Thats it in a nutshell.

Take care THOUGHTS


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