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Ask Mrs. Hurricane

First, an introduction for the benefit of those I have not met yet. I am Paula Van Houten, "Mrs. Hurricane." My magical name in Irish is literally "elder type woman water wind" which my children quickly changed to "Mrs. Hurricane" Ah, the innocence of children. They are much closer in capturing my true personality. I am an English Traditional Witch from a long line of strong, magickal woman.

Our family tradition faded years ago, very sad indeed. I am attempting to rebuild our tradition but without much in reference I have not been entirely successful however, my children are interested in keeping the tradition alive. The fruits of my labors may ripen years after I'm gone!

My strength, and the focus of "Ask Mrs. Hurricane", will be on living the magickal life. I have been fairly effective in merging my faith and practice into the busy life of a mom, professional, friend, patient, and all the various roles I find myself playing. I would love to offer my experience to you and have some fun in the process! So please, send your questions and Ask Mrs. Hurricane!

(To contact "Mrs. Hurricane," write to Mrs. Hurricane)