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Spiritual Perspectives

Since THOUGHTS has been growing so fast the last few months maybe this would be a good opportunity to share a little about myself. First, I am Ron's (NYwitch's) wife, this honor came 11 1/2 years ago. Second I am Johnathan's mommy, this privilege came 5 years ago, and just recently I am beginning a new identity, Donna the funeral director. I have just started my 3rd semester at Simmons Institute for Funeral Service. This has been a new and challenging endeavor for me as I have been a wife and mother for so long no other person is needed to carry this title. Often I have some fear and times where I panic, could I possible be able to do this? We shall see. As for my spirituality, I was raised in a typical home and church was a Sunday tradition. But it was not until a really bad experience in a supposedly really good church did I realize that spirituality and God was not all that I once believed. That what we believe, what we do with our belief and how we effect our world and those we encounter, that is God and that is what nurtures our spirits. I can tell you countless stories of actions I did for the sake of an institution but it never help me grow closer to the creator I so strongly believed in. Now my journey is to be who I was created to be. Grow in areas that I am weak, walk in places with courage where there was once fear and give to those around me and feel safe in doing so. This will not happen overnight and even when I am close to achieving all these things will I still strive to grow and understand what our spirits are all about and why we were created in such marvelous ways. So, just a little summary, I've been told I think to much and mull over things for to long but that is who I am and eventually I'll figure things out and move on to the next little didy in my life.

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