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Practical Magick Series

Spiritual Ecology and Spellcraft

In my magickal walk, I've learned much through simply observing our natural environment. Many times I will go into the area state lands,wander and contemplate not only the richness and wholesomeness of my surroundings, but I take time to learn from nature itself. Often, these trips will help me sort out the missing pieces of my spiritual walk. For instance, as I ponder those things which are happening in nature, I will also see similar events taking place in my own life. A good example might be to consider the stand of Norway Spruce which is not native to the area. We know that seeds were planted a long time ago as part of the state governments reforestation project. The act of planting those seeds resulted in a changed environment years down the road. The spruces completely altered the soil composition, and therefore caused different types of undergrowth.....which in turn support other forms of life. Plants themselves give off different levels of carbon dioxide which in turn, support different types of species of micro organisms, insects, and other types of plants. When you think about it, the very act of planting those trees was a magickal act in itself. Something was done which caused a change, different than what would have happened if the area was left alone.

What a responsibility that is for those of us who would desire to utilize magick for any other reason than "for the good of all concerned." This does not mean we can't magickally bring about those things we desire. Rather, it is best to consider the way in which we bring our desires to manifest. It is my belief that an ounce of caution goes a long way. Remember your powers of Merismosis when you set into motion things of magickal design. What does your spirit tell you? Your spirit is connected with the unseen eco system surrounding you so use discernment and intuition, two functions of your spiritual self. Work "with" this spiritual eco system to bring your desires into manifestation thereby not harming anything in the process.

Practical Magick Series