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Practical Magick Series

Merismosis; The Process of Renewing the Mind

Our mind, an intricate part of our soulish make up is the very tool which connects each of us to our spirits. The stronger a person's mind, the deeper the spiritual connection. Being part of the soul, the mind will naturally seek to fulfill it's needs through the other two parts making up the soul; the will and emotions. And in our society today, we are entirely set up for the fulfillment of our soulish needs; emotionalism, sexism, racism, hatred, loneliness, guilt, fear, sensationalism, selfishness, self centeredness, (the list goes on), all these things minister to the needs of our mind, will and emotions, or in context with this teaching, our "souls."

The Spirit on the other hand makes us who we are individually. Our cognitive ability, intuition, honesty, integrity, capacity for change, capacity to give and receive love, discernment, maturity level, and every other trait which illustrates you as a person. And it is when these individual traits can be connected with our "will and emotions" are we able to provide greater focus and power to what we are doing. The "mind" is the very item we need to strengthen if we are to gain that power, that "spiritual" connection we are learning about. Think about it, when we become weak in mind, our decisions are more or less made on an impulsive/emotional level. This in fact, is the easiest way for the mind to operate since the connection to the SOUL is a direct one. (Soul = MIND, will, and emotions.) However, we need to begin to utilize EACH tool properly to bring power into what we do and one way we can do this is to begin "renewing our minds."

Renewing our minds takes WORK. And those who have spent their lives making decisions in the soulish arena will find they have to completely change their lifestyle. This is not as hard as it sounds, it just will require the consistent effort on the part of the person seeking to change themselves to operate in the "spirit" rather than the "soul."

The fundamental principles of bringing together "soul and spirit" is the foundation of the Merismos teaching, the next part of our Practical Magick Series. A connection between soul and spirit not only brings actual POWER into your life, but it strengthens your mind as well. Your mind, just like any other part of your body, becomes stronger, (or weaker) depending on how much is exercised. Through this Merismos teaching, we will begin learning just how to "work out" your mind which in turn will strengthen your mental defenses and increase the connection to your spiritual self.

For those of you who have become pro active in this Practical Magick Series, I would like you to write down this formula in your notebooks and begin "trying" to base the choices you make each day according to your spiritual self.

1. The "Natural" Tendency - Choice Given: Mind + Soul = Decision
2. Merismosis - Choice Given: Mind + Spirit + Soul = Decision

Gina is an attractive young woman who works in an accounting firm as an administrative assistant. Most of her life she has made her decisions according to her soulish desires and needs. For instance, when she wanted something, she found a way, even if that meant using others to fulfill that desire. And when making decisions in general she would habitually rely on her will and emotions before considering her spiritual self. Over time, this practice resulted in some very serious consequences. For instance, Gina felt so insecure about herself that she devoted a great deal of time and energy trying to make herself look attractive and desirable. Every chance to gain recognition for her physical attractiveness filled a soulish need for security and acceptance. Late one night, Gina realized that her inner world was falling apart. She felt lonely, unloved, and unaccepted. Although these feelings would come and go depending on her mental strength on any given day, for the last week she seemed to be spiraling downward. Suicidal thoughts had even entered her mind as her feelings of worthlessness began to overcome her mental state.

Sitting down at her desk, Gina decided to perform a self evaluation and try to pinpoint the source of her problems. On one side of the paper, she listed several of the choices she had made the previous day. Next to the choice, she wrote whether or not that choice had been made out of an emotional need or if she had actually thought out her decision. From her reasoning behind whether or not to go out to lunch with a co worker to her decision to flirt with the new partner on the firm. What Gina discovered was pattern of decision making that totally relied on her emotional state at the time of the incidents. On a second piece of paper, Gina wrote down what she would have done differently had she considered her spiritual self in the same situations. Were her motives strengthening her as a person, or were they tearing her down. Gina's encounter with the new partner she decided, was her own way of dealing with an unknown boundary. By presenting her attractive physical self in this fashion, she had desired to gain some sort of control over her environment. However, she realized that this actually did more to take away her overall power in the situation as well remove inner credibility.

Gina decided from that moment on, she would no longer operate her life in this fashion. She would "consider" her spiritual self with each and every decision, no matter how much work it took. The result of Gina's hard work paid off "over time." As she operated in her daily environment, she did her best to choose based on her own intuition, cognition, and strength rather than impulsiveness. She also did her best not to rely anymore on "props" such as her level of attractiveness. As she "willfully" practiced the art of Merismosis, Gina became much better at interacting with people, making decisions, and even accepting HERSELF. As her mind became used to bypassing the soul in situations requiring choice, she strengthened her connection with her spirit. This "exercising" of her mind not only restored her inner credibility, esteem, and faith, but also caused her to build up a greater level of resistance to depression and stress.

An honest self evaluation is always a great place to begin the road to living a spiritual life. Consider you spirit, and the part of yourself that makes you what you are. Then decide if the decisions you make reflects that part of yourself. Or do you rely on your soulish instincts to get by each day.

Practical Magick Series