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Practical Magick Series


We have now learned that "magickal defense" begins in the emotional realm. And in the last several issues of Practical Magick, we have dealt with both the reasons and the dynamics behind setting up such a system in our lives. Our growing "Witches Pyramid" of will, faith, and power can now not only flourish, but become more intimately developed.

The next part of our series will begin to move into the spiritual side of our make up. As we learned, we are made up of three parts known as body, soul, and spirit. Our "souls" consist of our mind, will, and emotions while our "spirits" are much more complex. They contain our personal character, integrity, capacity for change, intuition, intelligence, cognition, (and much much more.) ALL are an intricate part of our spiritual selves and it is very important to begin to understand how we can begin to apply our "spirit" to all that we are trying to accomplish.

As a quick review, we learned about the "Merismos Theory" as the belief that our "souls and spirits" are actually two separate parts. Each can be developed separately but the ultimate balance would be to bring the two TOGETHER. Bringing the soul together with the spirit brings great power to an individual but as we look around our society today however, we see that this is in fact, not the average practice. Many today focus on the fulfillment of their "soulish" needs while neglecting the "spiritual" ones. By practicing this, a disempowerment process begins which, over time can cause great damage to a persons spirit AND physical body.

"Merismosis" is the term I choose to describe what happens when we begin to "willfully" bring together our souls and spirits. What happens when we apply our "spirits" to what we are trying to accomplish? (Think about it.) We add POWER to our will and manifestation to our desires.

A perfect example of a person who applied "spirit" to what they were doing would be Washington Roebling, the man who built the Brookline Bridge. His father, John Roebling actually designed this bridge which was to eventually become the "eighth wonder of the world." However, Mr. Roebling's son Washington, was to be the one who fulfilled this great dream.

After John's death, Washington Roebling took over his father's position as chief engineer of this magnificent project. Washington insisted upon overseeing every detail of the work and by 1872, overexertion and caisson disease had ruined his health. This setback in no way stopped him from continuing with this project that he wanted to complete for his father. From a window, in an apartment specifically designated for him, paralyzed Washington had a clear view of the construction and was able to direct this vast project until it's completion in 1883.

See what happens when we tap into the power of our spirit? Consider your own goals, seemingly out of reach. Our "souls" (mind, will, and emotions) provide the drive, our spirits the solution and means to an end. Therefore, we see that when we use our powers of Merismosis, we begin to utilize ALL of our resources. Remember the phrase, "show a little spirit."

As an exercise, begin paying attention to how much soul, and how much spirit are applied in your everyday life. Applying spiritual energy takes an act of will while applying our "souls" comes rather natural for us. As you begin perceiving the areas of your life that need added power, begin applying that "spiritual" resource and create your own "eighth wonder" by manifesting great things.

Take care THOUGHTS. Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.

Practical Magick Series