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Natural Wellness; Lycopene

Lycopene is a phytochemical (phyto - ie; plant) and/or compound routinely referred to as a carotenoid. It is found primarily in tomatoes. Lycopene is a potent antioxidant with no exceptions. Many all natural health care doctors and scientists (ND's and PhD's) have done extensive research into lycopene and found it to be a powerful cancer inhibitor. It was extremely impressive in promoting extracellular activity in an indigenous role.

How does lycopene compare to other antioxidants? Recent studies done have taken lycopene research to another level by comparing the properties of lycopene with alpha and beta carotene.

When all cellular lines were tested, lycopene was remarkably more effective than either alpha or beta carotene. While alpha and beta carotene did remarkably well to inhibit cancerous cell growth...lycopene treated cells were apparent in one day as opposed to 3 to 4 days for the other carotenoids.

What does this mean? In view of what we have just discovered does this mean we should de-emphasize other carotenoids and focus our attention on lycopene alone? The answer to that is absolutely not, this would be a short-term view. I suggest that we embelish the effectiveness of lycopene by using it as an adjunct to and/or in combination with alpha and beta carotene. We know that carrot juice - which is extremely high in beta carotene - has the same molecular chemistry as human blood and this is why it has been so profoundly effective in preventing and treating cancer.

What's in the future for lycopene? Invariably, as research and clinical trials continue on lycopene and other carotenoids we will gain new knowledge about these remarkable compounds. We will learn how best to use them to enhance the quality of our health and ultimately our lives.

Lycopene is now available in concentrated supplements. Check with your all natural health care doctor before taking lycopene supplements in therapeutic doses.

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