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Natural Wellness; Florine

Fluorine is an essential mineral that is referred to as a trace mineral. A minute amount of fluorine can be found in nearly every area of human tissue, however, it is found primarily in the bones and teeth. Fluorine in the body is a composition of compounds referred to as Fluorides.

There are two forms of Fluorides, organic and inorganic. The organic form is known as Calcium Fluoride, and the inorganic form is known as Sodium Fluoride.

Fluorine in an organic form is essential to the body for good health. Inorganic Fluorine in my view is very toxic and harmful to the body. Organic Fluorine increases the absorption of Calcium, thus strengthening the bones and teeth. Inorganic Fluorine tends to destroy the enzyme Phosphatase, which is essential to a number of different bodily processes. Inorganic Fluorine also interferes with the enzymatic action of other important enzymes.

Sodium Fluoride, the inorganic form of Fluorine is the form readily used in public drinking water systems. My advice to anyone would be to avoid drinking or cooking from public water systems.

Natural Sources: Green leafy vegetables, all sea vegetables, beet tops, organic carrots, raw almonds, organic oats, raw sunflower seeds, raw unadulterated honey, bee pollen, propolis, royal jelly. Fluorine is also found in the following herbs: Birch, cramp bark, fenugreek, glucomannan, hops, kelp, myrrh, passion flower, plantain, psyllium, safflower, St. Johnswort, spikenard, yerba santa. HERBAL medications are teeming with nutrients and the body WILL readily utilize them in its behalf... actually detoxifying and rebuilding the system, therefore enhancing one's health. Deficiency Symptoms: Tooth caries and cavities. A Fluorine deficiency is highly improbable. Benefits: Fluorine is useful in the treatment of dental cavities and caries. Beneficial in the prevention of osteoporosis. Protects the body against infections. Antagonists: Alcoholic beverages, tobacco (nicotine), cola drinks, most soft drinks (other than natural juices), coffee and tea (caffeinated and decaffeinated), chocolate (cocoa), inorganic mineral water (tap, well, spring), polluted air, refined sugar and refined sugar substitutes, overcooking foods, all manner of refined and processed foods, commercial synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, radiation exposure, inorganic acids and alkalies, synthetic estrogen, synthetic birth control, sulfa drugs.

Remarks: Fluorine should not be supplemented without first consulting with a doctor oriented to natural health care. Do not drink or cook with water that has been treated with inorganic fluoride, such as most public water systems. May Be Useful In Treatment Of: BONES: Osteoporosis. TEETH/GUMS: Tooth caries and cavities. MISCELLANEOUS: Bone disorders, Tooth disorders.

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