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Practical Magick; Presuppositions

Lets get right down to business with the defense of our emotional system. Emotional attacks can come from any direction and the person who ignores or denies that their emotional side is "tough" and doesn't need any shielding will suffer the consequences. Even from indirect attacks the person who is unprepared will feel as if they had been dealt a major blow.

Now it is important to realize before going any further, that just because a person has directed energy in a negative way towards you does NOT mean that it was intentional. Most people who use verbal violence, which results in a focus of negative energy, rarely if at all, realize that what they are doing is REALLY damaging to the other person. And that is why I stress "defense" rather than retaliation. There is a time and place for retaliation but for this part of our series, it is really not important.

We spoke earlier about the power of the spoken word. That what we say can and WILL happen depending on the power behind it. And in context, it is important to remember that negative energy is probably the easiest type of power to focus. However, this type of energy not only brings destruction on the person it was sent to, but brings destruction back on the sender in much larger proportions.

To defend your emotions, learn to understand the energy flying all around you during the day. And negative energy might not be limited to your place of employment, it could also be in your home. Negative energy, for those who are unable to sense energy in the abstract, can be identified simply by paying attention to how people are communicating. Most people can easily recognize and defend themselves if negative energy is manifested through DIRECT confrontation. However, for every direct message, there are vast amounts of underlying messages which are also sent. These underlying messages can be both positive and negative. But for this teaching, we are obviously only concerned about the negative, destructive messages and how to recognize and defend against them. Negative energy, if not addressed and defended against, will result in a deterioration of a person's self worth, esteem, credibility, power and authority. (Pretty much EVERYTHING we have been trying to build in this Practical Magick series.)

How do we recognize indirect negative energy in conversation in the first place? Well, the first thing we need to learn is just what the definition of an indirect message is. And here is my own definition of what I lable as a "Presupposition"; or an underlying message destructive in nature.,
Proposition of Power - "Presupposition": A statement of fact with an underlying message, could be disguised with sarcasm or humor. It is a tool that is used to bring insult or reproof without directly implicating the person saying it. An example of this could be, "If Leah can do that, ANYONE can."
An important principle to remember when dealing with verbal attacks is to respond to the presupposition, NOT the obvious message.

Here are a few major presuppositions:
1. If you REALLY ment/wanted/loved/etc: This is a blaming presupposition which causes the person to receive guilt. Has NOTHING to do with the message itself as you can see.
2. Don't you EVEN CARE: Another blaming presupposition. Note the keywords "even & care." An example of this presupposition could be "Don't you even care about your appearance?"
3. EVEN YOU should: This presupposition implies that there is in fact, something wrong with you. "Even you should be able to grasp a concept like that."
4. EVERYONE understands, why you: The presence of the "mysterious" all knowing "everyone." This wonderful presupposition is ment to make you feel incompetent and/or ignorant.

Understanding these "hidden meanings" is the first step to building an emotional defense systsem. This week, pay attention to the conversations taking place around you and begin trying to recognize the presuppositions. Ideally, you should keep a notebook which will assist you in pinpointing where the greatest amount of negativity is coming from. By doing this, you will be preparing yourself for when we move into the dynamics of emotional defense.,
Take care THOUGHTS. Comments or questions are welcomed.

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