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Practical Magick; Protection

So far, we have learned how to build inner power and strength through the construction of the Witches Pyramid. This systematic lifestyle combined with the willful use of integrity decision making builds up our inner and outer credibility. Also, we have learned the importance of adding our "spirit" and the mechanics thereof to what we are accomplishing. Lastly, practical applications of the fundemental principles we have learned to "affect" the environments within and without ourselves.

We are now going to be moving into a very important area, the defense of all that we have taken such pains to build. Our new "empowerment," that Witches Pyramid of will, faith, and enthusiamsm will not only need to be maintained, but protected as well. This protection begins in the emotional realm and that is exactly where this series teaching is going to touch on next; "Magickal and Emotional Defense." This is not ment encourage "defensiveness" mind you, but rather, defense of your inner self. Since what we have so far covered in this Practical Magick series is interconnected, I take the defense of the emotional system VERY serious. In fact, magickal defense BEGINS with emotional defense and that is exactly where this next part of our teaching will begin, in the emotional realm.

First, I am going to begin with the fundemental principles of emotional defense. And to understand how to defend ourselves we will need to know just what we are up against. To begin, here are the four basic principles of verbal and emotional attacks.

Four Basic Principles of Verbal and Emotional Attacks

1) Know that you are under attack. If you continually assume that the
reason you come out of conversations hurt or depressed is that you are
"oversensitive, paranoid, or childish," you will NOT recognize danger
when it exists.
2) Know what kind of attack you are facing. Learn to judge your
opponents weapons, strengths, and skills.
3) Know how to make your defense fit the attack.
4) Know how to FOLLOW THROUGH - try hard to overcome guilty feelings.

What I would like to accomplish in the next several issues of Practical Magick is to provide a system where one can recognize the strength of their own emotional protection. Emotional stability begins with a healthy defense. This is not paranoia or phobic but rather, REALITY. We all need to be able to set up healthy defense mechanisms for our emotional selves and if we deny that this is true, we will open ourselves to victimization and undoing of all we have worked so hard to build within ourselves.

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