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Practical Magick; Power Projection

Here is what we've learned together so far:
1) The Witches Pyramid; building up of "will & faith."
2) Merismos; the division between "soul & spirit."
3) Integrity decision making, building credibility.
4) Power and Authority
5) Overcoming; a transfer of power and authority back into ourselves.

The next step in this process is to begin to practice using the personal power you have cultivated within yourself. This is actually the easiest step you will take if each of the upper categories have been implemented into your lifestyle. What you have done so far is much more than meets the eye because not only have you increased your self esteem, understanding, and confidence in a physical sense, you have created within yourself a personal power source that you can draw upon.

And now comes the fun part, what you all have been waiting for. Earlier in this teaching, I mentioned that you would come to a point in your magickal walk that you would be moving "obstacles" out of your way in a seemingly miraculous fashion. Since all that we are doing is very inter-connected, I am going to suggest that you "practice" on the little hills first before moving on to the mountains in your life. The magickal "will" which you have cultivated can be severely damaged by unnecessary failures. So it is very important to carefully choose your battles and focus on the ones you think might go either way and then tip the scales in your favor.

In this issue, I want to include a little exercise for your first try at power projection. This little spell/projection I myself have used very effectively: Say, for instance, there is a person at your job who you know has been talking about you in a negative way. Several trusted fellow employees have come to you about this person and have stated that the individual has made negative comments in the presence of your supervisor and others. Several times in the past you have confronted this person to their face and the result has been denial. Therefore, you might feel the need to "influence" this situation somewhat. If you have NOT confronted the person face to face yet, maybe due to a lack of confidence, you should now find it much easier to do so with what you've built so far in this teaching. And in fact, this step should be taken prior to any magickal working to further tip the scale. This is because confrontation reinforces several IMPORTANT things. It gives BACK to you power, authority, AND credibility which is irreplaceable when you move forward into deeper realms of influence.

On your alter, sacred space, or devotional area, (my alter provides all three things), place your representation of the person. In context with this particular situation I was able to obtain a memo with the persons signature on it. With a lighted candle on the alter I now focus my attention, I then draw a circle in my hand and allow it to expand around me encompassing the entire sacred space. Visualize in your best possible way the person you need to influence. "Person's name, you are now AFFECTED!" Use a strong authoritative tone, not necessarily loud, but firm when you say this and visualize the person taking notice of you. Take the piece of paper with the person's signature and role it up. (I actually cut the signature out of the memo making it relatively small, and less powerful than when it was on the memo.) Tie a piece of hemp around it several times, no less than three. "Person's name, You are bound from me and can do me no harm. Only if you work to promote my inner and outer well being are you free when it comes to myself or my environment." Visualize the person smiling and agreeing with you now. Place the rolled up/tied piece of paper onto the alter and hold your strong hand over the top of it and say, "So mote it NOW be!"

Amazingly enough I watched an entire transformation take place that very day. Since most of my own devotional work is done in the early morning hours I will usually focus on the day ahead. Sometimes it is humorous to sit back and watch things taking place that I know I had influenced. Don't get me wrong, to watch with an attitude like this for me simply means that my faith has increased. That I am able to not feel helpless to watch situations deteriorate over time but I can in fact, DO SOMETHING besides watch in frustration.

Remember, with harm be to none and for the good of all concerned, so shall it be done.

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