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Practical Magick Series

Power & Authority

There is a saying I know that tells us, "things have power because we GIVE it to them." (Think about it.) We rationalize that a power transfer is legitimate and therefore we put this person or thing above our own power and authority. However, the key is to return this power back to yourself.

Now, not all things we give power to are illegitimate. For instance, we recognize the power of the law enforcement officer because of the consequences we will receive if we go against that individual. But what of other things that we give power to? Maybe personalities we either find imposing or intimidating? Situations that "look" impossible? Well, what we need to decide is to begin practicing the art of "overcoming." Its when we overcome situations or people that previously have had power over us, that we have begin to transfer power and authority back into ourselves. This might come as a surprise to those who were shaking in their boots when in a trembling voice or hand, stood up to a situation that they felt they had little or no control over. REMEMBER the introduction of this teaching; we are dealing with the power of "baby steps." Your step is a STEP regardless if you did it with some apprehension. It took time for you to reach your present state, time for power and authority to be given out. And it will take some time to bring this power back into yourself. If you take this step, take another, then another. You WILL become desensatized at some point in this walk early on and taking stands WILL become easier and easier. The ability to tactfully regain your power and authority in other situations will follow suit. The key is, give yourself credit for "trying." Giving yourself this credit builds, CREDIBILITY! (Go figure.) And then keep on moving forward. This is the SECRET to the acquisition of basic power. You are learning to build within yourself a magickal will, the very kind you will be "switching on" during times of need. Like I said before, you shall tell this mountain "Be removed as I do will." (And it WILL move.) Take care THOUGHTS. Questions or comments are welcomed.

Practical Magick