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Practical Magick Series

The Merismos Theory

In the beginning of this teaching we spelled out the foundational principles of the "Witches Pyramid." That is, the power generated by a person who has focused on increasing the power of personal "will and faith." Now I am going to take a step back and teach you just how you can begin the road to building this Witches Pyramid in your life....and that is through what I call the "Merismos Theory." In short, Merismos defined is a greek term which means in context "the division of soul and spirit." Simply put, human beings are made up of three primary parts, the body; physical shell, the soul; mind, will, and emotions, and the spirit. The spirit is the MOST complex part of our make-up and it includes our character, discernment, intuition, endurance, defense mechanisms, capacity for change, insights, and so much more. But as you can see, each area is so intimately connected that you can't simply focus on one, and neglect the others. For instance, a person who is sick in "body" will see a direct effect on their "soul" such as melancholy/depression, anger, sadness. In like manner, the spirit of the person is affected as the fight to get well, feelings of responsibility manifest; "My family NEEDS me and therefore, I SHALL recover as quickly as possible." The spirit of the person will then trigger the "will/soul" in such a way that it increases the levels of determination so that the person in fact, DOES recover and can continue with their life.

It is my belief that our ancestors were able to do great things because of their greater ability to connect their spirits with their souls. We can read stories from hundreds of years ago where people were able to heal others by simply laying their hands on them. Prophetic words, miracles, divinations, spiritual interactions, and an incredible amount of other stories that make up legends and myths. However, in this post industrial age, this new age of technology most people in western society have lost that connection with their spiritual side. However, the "soul" remains strong as ever in it's connection to the body and we see all around us every day, people seeking to fullfill the needs of their souls & bodies.

The mainstream religious organizations have also been disfunctional since they too have been simply ministering to the "bodies and souls" of our society while causing people to think that they were feeding their "spirits." However, this practice has caused many people to become not only spiritually ignorant, but spiritually weak and/or DEAD.

The important thing for those of us who have been "killed" spiritually is to know that the process CAN BE UNDONE. (It just takes a little "will & faith.") A spiritual person is someone who continuously "tries" to become proactive in the connection of their soul & spirit. Many of the attributes of the "soul" are dramatically increased when one learns how to apply the "spirit." Therefore, a person who feels that they need an increase of willpower, but lacks faith in themselves learns to apply their "spirit." (Ever hear the term, "that person really shows a lot of spirit?") Spirit empowerment to the soul is like a turbo boost to your average family gives an incredible amount of added power. And that is what it all comes down to in context with this particular teaching - spiritual people are POWERFUL people.

Practical Magick Series