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Practical Magick

Welcome to my THOUGHTS column entitled "Practical Magick"

What I desire to share with you through this column is not a narrative of my life experiences. But rather, a method by which you can gain control of your own life, surroundings, and spirituality in a true and practical way. Nothing will be given to you in abstract form. In like manner, nothing shall be presented in the "see how much I know" attitude either. What you receive from me will be the no nonsense, practical application of witchcraft principles that many today are unaware of. Everything that I give you will be broken down into digestible "tid-bits" of information that you can apply immediately. With that said, here is an informal "agenda" of what I will try and follow as we move along.


1. Why Witchcraft is actually a psychology of self esteem.

2. The Witches Pyramid - What is it? How can it work for me?

3. Self Evaluation - Where am I REALLY and how can I begin to move forward.

4. Credibility - The integrity of decision making & why this is important to magickal living.

5. Why spells don't work, and how can I change this.


6. Exercises to begin using and projecting personal power

7. How I can protect myself/others from harm using personal power

8. How I can change my environment/influence others positively

9. How I can heal myself/others

10. Desires of the heart - How to manifest CONCRETE things in my life that I need and/or want.


Practical Magick