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Practical Magick Series

First Steps

The bringing together of "soul & spirit" is the ultimate goal of living a balanced and healthy lifestyle. And when we begin to put our abilities into action, we find that all the work that we do on the physical level really isn't all that much different when we move into a spiritual level. However, when we do not follow through with our decisions at the physical level we will be chipping away at the credibility within us to not only accomplish a task but also our ability to mean what we say. With this in mind, remember that it will also transfer over to how effective we are SPIRITUALLY.

The power of the spoken word is only as great as the credibility behind it. With this in mind, begin to actually build that power by following through with a few exercises. For instance, choose a couple of things in your life that might be a challenge for you to gain some control over. (They should be small, easy things for those of you at square one.) Tell yourself, "I can and WILL do this." Then try setting a time table for when you want to see the action taking place, then FOLLOW through with it regardless of what the circumstances are. Circumstances can easily become excuses or crutches that will always be there for your convenience. And its when we begin to assert our will into areas of our lives that we wish to control, then following through that we begin building a solid foundation of "will & faith." Sound familiar? That's right, you have just entered into a lifestyle called "living the Witches Pyramid."

Practical Magick Series