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Practical Magick Series

The Dynamics of the "Witches Pyramid"

The best way to begin building anything is to start with a foundation. And in the psychological realm where the Witches Pyramid begins, so shall we build our own foundation. Although love for ourselves is a must, and forms the base for what we are building, our "will" is the most important ingredient. It is the "cement" which will hold all of our resources together. For what we lack in faith or love, we can make up with our "will." In it's most paralyzing of moments, the human spirit can still move forward through the use of will. And its at the point in our life where we see the changes taking place because of our "will" that we begin to look at ourselves in a different light and can say to ourselves, "Hey, I did that!" Magickal practice is something most people associate with the abstract. But my own opinion is that TRUE magick occurs when CHANGE happens period. Changes take place in so many ways and this Practical Magick series should teach you just how you can begin to cause change to happen, sometimes miraculously. As the Charge of the Goddess would imply, work on changing the "within" first and then start focusing on the "without." To begin building our personal power source, it is very important to first understand what this Witches Pyramid is all about, and how it works. Will, Faith, Love and Enthusiasm are four fundamental things we will be building up over time.

In this wonderful New Age, we see so many people becoming creative with their spirituality. With the rise and revival of New Age and Wiccan practice in the '90's, I learned a new term for spirituality; "eclectic." I would suppose that in my own way I am eclectic myself as much of my own spiritual foundation is bible based with a "whole lot of Gardnerian thrown in." And with what I have learned in the practice of this powerful lifestyle known as "the Craft " were the very mechanics behind all the other spiritual teachings that I grew up with.

For instance, a verse of scripture I used to LOVE was a quote from Jesus himself; "if you have "faith" as small as a mustard seed, you CAN say to this mountain, be removed from here, and it WILL move." (NIV Matt 17:20) Here we see the practice of utilizing our "will and faith" to cause changes to happen. And when taken into context of the Witches Pyramid, the mountains could be anything in our lives that block us from our goals. In this light, we can see that it only takes a little will and faith to do great things. How much more so if we take the energy to build powerful will and faith.

Ironically, the mainstream religions in America are taking the very thing away from people that give them power. Will and Faith are replaced with their respective opposites; Guilt and Fear." Another disfunction I find would be the practice of sitting in "church services," (proper term), week after week dulling the spiritual sense and causing individuals to look toward others rather than themselves to fulfill their spiritual needs. This is something people need to stop doing if they want to move forward and for the purposes of this teaching, its a must. Organized religion does have it's place, however, if you find that the organization you are part of is not causing you to grow as a WHOLE person, you have the responsibility to take yourself out of that situation. This action will in and of itself will be your first step, beginning the process of building your "will" since you just removed a mountain from your life. And the very fact that you "willfully" caused this important change shows that you DO have faith in yourself. With this in mind we now have something on "witch" to build.

Take care Thoughts and feel free to write and express your thoughts, opinions or questions.


Practical Magick Series