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Practical Magick Series

The Witches Pyramid; The Psychology of Self Esteem

When we consider how we make decisions on a daily basis, how we treat others, our perspectives, opinions, beliefs; religious or otherwise, we are faced with something called "character makeup." A persons character is formed, not given, and when we reflect honestly we know that our "true self" is sometimes hidden under the weights we place on it. Whether these weights are childhood experiences, role/status in life, fears/doubts/insecurities, or ANYTHING that influences our train of thought, we need to be able to take that first step by admitting to ourselves that this is true. This is the first step to achieving personal power in you life and thereby, achieving control of things that you normally thought impossible.

The next step after recognizing the fact that we as humans are influenced by society and it's norms is to decide if our stand is our own, or someone elses. For instance, do we obey laws because its the "right" thing to do or simply because its "the law." A true test of character is when a person can decide what is "right" regardless if its legal or not. Or whether society accepts that stand or not. Even if it means taking that stand ALONE. Its when we come to that point can we begin to know that we are emerging as powerful individuals.

Some of our readers might be at that point. However, I am writing this column for those who only are NOT at that level. Witchcraft as I teach it is a psychology of self esteem. Healthy self esteem, a good foundation for strong character, is not anything a person can acquire overnight, but it can be developed.

The Witches Pyramid is one way you can strengthen your character and build within yourself personal power. And with that said, we should first look at power itself. Things have power over us because we give it to them. Power in this aspect also has another name which is "authority."

There are things in our environment that we give power and authority to which are healthy. However, there are so many other things that have authority and power over us which are UNHEALTHY. And it is those very things that suck the power and stamina out of us. The idea behind the Witches Pyramid is to build ourselves up over time so that we are able to "transfer" that power and authority from those unhealthy sources and put it back where it belongs...."within us."

Power is a subject that I will be focusing on over the next few weeks. My idea would be to show you all the different areas in your life where you need to begin developing your power of influence. From inner and outer credibility to the integrity of decision making. Each of these areas are important to magickal living and when one of them is ignored, the entire unit suffers.

As for the Witches Pyramid, it is made up of four things; "will", faith, love, and secrecy. Sound simple? Well, to a person starting out at "square one" this building up of personal "will and faith" takes enthusiasm; a primary ingredient in love. And if the individual lacks a love for themself, this building up might seem next to impossible. Each of us, no matter how deep into the pits we have found ourselves, still manage to hang onto "at least" an ounce of "will power." Even if love is gone, or if we lack faith in ourselves, or faith in ANYTHING for that matter, we still can make decisions. And remember, NOT doing something is also an act of will. So, with that in mind, I now ask one question to all of those who are reading this column who fit into the category I've just described; "What WILL you do?" The psychology to self esteem is in fact the Witches Pyramid; the building up of will, faith, & love. (Secrecy, and the reason for it will be explained later.)

Consider our very own Charge of the Goddess which inspired me many years ago. Taken in context with this Witches Pyramid we can even see how it is the very foundation of this powerful and personal religion we call the Craft. "And thou who thinketh to seek for me, know thy seeking and yearning shall avail thee not unless you knoweth the mystery; that if that which thy seekest thou findest not within thee, thou wilt never find it without thee. For behold, I have been with thee from the beginning; and I am that which is attained at the end of desire."

In closing, remember these words as you interact each day. "What WILL I do? & Power WITHIN is power WITHOUT." Don't expect too much at first. Exert your will in little things to begin with; areas that you know you can win. As you become better at it begin to move into areas that you are a little uncomfortable exerting your will....take "baby steps." Your willpower should grow at a comfortable pace. And as you begin to succeed, your faith in yourself shall grow as well. Enthusiasm is a fruit of the success of the upper two categories so as you begin to "willfully" set into motion this lifestyle, don't be at all surprised if you begin to "like" yourself a little more. Take care Thoughts and feel free to write and express your opinions.


Practical Magick Series