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Dr. B

I'll take this opportunity to (re)introduce myself to our network. My name is Susan Beadle, otherwise known as Dr. B. I am 50+ years old and live in central New York State, 25 miles east of Utica.

A few years ago, led by a series of what I thought were haphazard events, I was introduced into the world of the natural health movement. The deeper I delved into helping people find health using the power of nature, I more I questioned my spirituality. This questioning led me to the Witches Voice web site, which led to another and another and before I knew it, I decided the Wicca/Pagan path was where I had been for some time (and I hadn't even known it)! I was born and confirmed in Catholicism, but never felt comfortable having someone tell me what I had to believe, so finding Wicca was a great relief for me. I met Ron (NYWitch) and he asked me to join the THOUGHTS network and write a column, which I have been doing for some time now.

As a Traditional Naturopath (one who uses those things natural to help the body heal), I help people balance body/mind/spirit, with the main focus of healing the body through the use of whole food supplements, and changes in diet and lifestyle. I am always amazed how our bodies can heal themselves if we give them the right circumstances. I write the NATURAL WELLNESS column with the thought that someone, somewhere needs to know the information.

I would like to invite you to ask questions that I can answer through the THOUGHTS e-zine. Please feel free to email me at

Natural Wellness