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Sisterwolfe's Wheel of Life


The Wheel of the Year has come to around to the time of the mating cycle of our Goddess and the young God which was born at Yule and reached the age of maturity at Candlemas. There are several beliefs surrounding this Sabbat/Holiday. This is the time when night and day are in perfect harmony once again, as the light is about to start it's ascendance into power and the days start to lengthen.

This time of the year represents the young God who was born at Yule, begins maturing at Candlemas. He discovers that he and the Goddess, who is now in Her Maiden/Virgin Stage of Life, are to mate. Then as we know, with the Wheel of Life, 9 months from now a child will be brought forth from this union, The Maiden Goddess Egg is Fertile, Life will continue, and the Wheel will turn another turn...

It is believed that the lengthening of the days represents the maturing of the young God. Some believe that after he fertilizes the Maiden Goddess, he leaves the Mother Goddess in charge, until the time of his Power. It is during this time that she will rest and rebuild her strength. By the oldest of the Pagan religions and faiths this Sabbat is called the Vernal or Spring Equinox. It is also referred to as it's folk name, "Lady Day." However, in resent history it has been called Eostara or Ostara and there are some who even call Beltane by the name of "Lady Day". Though when it is called Lady Day, Christian's think it was for the Blessed Virgin Mary. Many times the Christian holiday Easter falls around this time, in fact, the name "Easter" was taken from the name of a Teutonic lunar Goddess, Eostre (from which we also get Eostara and the name of the female hormone, estrogen). Her main symbols were the Rabbit (for the fertility and because some of her worshippers saw a rabbit in a full moon) and the egg (symbolizing the Cosmic Egg of Creation). For Modern Witches, it seems that Lady Day is considered one of the Lesser Sabbats or Low Holidays of the year, one of the four quarter-days. Some Witches choose the mixed date of March 25th, starting on the Eve. Then there are some that may choose the actual equinox point, when the Sun crosses the Equator and enters the astrological sign Aries.Whichever day or Date you choose may you enjoy it.

If you celebrate Easter, then I wish you a Happy Easter.
Sabbat Incense: Violet, Jasmine, Rose, Sage
Colors: Gold, Green, and Yellow
Crystals: Amethyst, Aquamarine, Bloodstone, Red Jasper
Folklore: Keep an acorn from the previous Mabon and plant it at Spring, use it to represent what you want to see grow. Use Jasmine Tea, instead of Wine in the ritual chalice. Now is the time to Bless seeds you plan on planting. Foods: Sprouts, seeds, early greens, Flowers(try it you might like it!) Roses, squash blossoms, etc., and of course EGGS!!!