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"On a dark and dreary southern night a light appeared in the sky. 'Twas the moon glowing from behind the clouds just as the faint cry of a newborn babe echoed in the still night."

This was my entrance into this wondrous universe. Ever since I have had a mad passionate love for the moon. The moon came out from behind the clouds to light my way. I believe it can light your way too. This is why I write about the moon phases and it's application to astrology. None of us are ever alone, just as the moon has many planets and stars to keep her company. Each of us has planets, stars and many fellow travelers that share and light our paths on our journey through this world.

Each week my column will be about the lights that are illuminating our lives. Each individual personality reflects these lights in numerous ways. Come share my luminary insights in my column and par take of the cup of visions, prophesy and moon beams. the wheel of life, I am found in New Orleans, Louisiana born and raised with the varied traditions of a culture rich in lunar mysticism. The Crescent City nesting on the curve of the mighty Mississippi River. Sounds like a place you might find this Cancer, "Moon child"? Well here I sit in the moon glow and sipping a mint julep, listening to the haunting melody of a clarinet drifting across a dark and rapid flowing river. "Won't you come along with me, down the Mississippi" is the song playing. I welcome your company and will weekly make my offering via Astrological Trivia.

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