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Quantum Energy

Why quantum physics? NYwitch and I are collaborating on this subject - his Practical Magick column is going to give you some basics on how magic works, and I get the job of trying to explain how quantum physics tells us it DOES work.

According to quantum physics, choice, decision, measurement, and observation are required for a reality to manifest [manifest=readily perceived by the senses]. In addition to this, the observed and the observer are the same. Choices and decisions, while seemingly unimportant in the day-to-day humdrum of our lives, actually have far-reaching effects about which we may never know. For example, today I made a decision to write this article. I could have done it last week or tomorrow. However, the decision was made to do it now. Now we need to speculate: Perhaps a new person joins our group today and reads this ezine. Perhaps this person's life is touched by the words, and his future choices are colored by what he has read. It could be this person goes on to discover a cure for cancer, or a new solar system, or has a better life, or...well you get the picture. So, each and every action we perform has the same effect as tossing a pebble in a pond - the waves of action reach out far beyond our "selves". You may have heard the saying that goes something like "if a tree falls in a forest and no one is there, does it make any sound?" Well, does it? Does observation make it so? One of the concepts expressed by quantum physics is that the act of being observed affects the outcome of the experiment. And to carry this thought further, the observer and the observed are the same. Hunh? you say. How does that go again? Well, let's suppose you are involved in an experiment in a science lab. You have set up your equipment and set in motion the experiment. You watch and wait, as the observer. Now, because you are watching (observing), you are intimately involved in the outcome of the experiment (the observed). Because you watch, you affect the outcome of the experiment. So, the observer and observed are the same. You (as the observer) become an intimate part of the experiment (the observed). (And, to take it another step, who is observing the observer???) So in order to manifest a reality, we must make a choice or decision (perform a spell), measure it (decide what you want the outcome to be) and observe it.

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