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By Patrick Matthies, Pre-Game Correspondant
Tuesday, June 15, 1999

It's no longer Do or Die for the Stars. They weathered the pressure of losing game one and won the next two. Nothing is stopping them from taking this series from the Sabres, not even our lack-luster defense of game 3. Now, as we head in for game 4 tonight, the Sabres really need to get the bugs out of their butts, put down their purses, and locate Miroslav Satan.

It was a massacre in game 3, at home, with 12 shots on goal. In game 4, look for the Sabres to rebound, and try something new, though I'm not sure what that's going to be. Flip passes Rico? Maybe that'll actually work.........

What Buffalo Needs to do to win this game: Don't let that Defense get into your head. Find a way around it. Shoot from anywhere. If you've got the puck in the Stars' zone, Shoot it. Don't pass it. Follow it in and hope for a rebound. Knock bodies. Get that wonderful even balanced scoring back. FIND WHERE MIRO HAS BEEN HIDING! Ruff needs to not put forwards who aren't playing well out for 26 minutes. It's taking away from our better ones. This is win or Die. The Next 3 are.

What Dallas needs to do to win this game: Score the 2nd goal. Seems whoever scores first in this series loses. Hope the Sabres come out as awful as they did in game 3. Pass out red shirts to the home crowd. I don't think Dallas is going to be fired up for this. They have breathing room. The Sabres don't. Win or or die.

Game Four Preview

Game Four of the Stanley Cup Finals
Dallas @ Buffalo
Dallas leads series 2-1
Tuesday, June 15, 1999 @ 8:05 PM EST
Radio: 104.1 FM
Buffalo Injury Update: Grosek (back)
Dallas Injury Update: Hull (groin), Hogue (knee)