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By Patrick Matthies, Pre-Game Correspondant
Thursday, June 10, 1999

Yeah, it's been said through out the playoffs, but when is it actually going to happen? Looks to be in the Buffalo Dallas series. Hasek stole game one from the Stars, Belfour could very well sieze game two. As we saw, Dominik Hasek was back to the good ole' force he used to be, this time, he was doing it in the playoffs. While Belfour's 3 goals on 25 shots is about 2 goals than a playoff goalie in the Stanley Cup finals should have allowed, lest not forget the Sabres are a team of "When we shoot, the puck goes in the net"s. Belfour can hardly be blamed. Well, We go into Dallas with 100 degree weather and a ton of dehumidifiers, and hope no one else on Dallas decides to go for a swim in the 2'' Ice, (IE Belfour). This is going to be one hell of a game. Lets look at what each team has to do to become the winner of game two.

What Dallas needs to do

Come out flying, get the 2 goal lead before the Sabres know what hit 'em. Open up the physical side of things, don't let the Sabres out hit. Look for Derian Hatcher to open a can of whoop-ass on anything in a black sweater. They're going to give Dom a few bumps. Eddie isn't the only one with a temper. Keep the puck under control in your end. Don't get caught out of position. Keep the pressure coming if the lead becomes yours. Get those deflections on Hasek. Get those rebounds.

What the Sabres need to do

Come out flying, get the 2 goal lead to rattle Belfour. Don't worry about Dallas' new found ability to hit. Hit 'em back, hit 'em harder. Keep the pressure coming from all angles. Make the Defense come to you. Get them worked up and out of position. Let the Defense pinch, but not as far. Stop the turnovers. Keep shots low, and deflect them high Keep cool, Don't let them freak you out. Look for Dallas to come out fighting like it's game 7.