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A major press conference is set for tomorrow on Hasek's future
Wednesday, July 28, 1999

Dominik Hasek will make a major announcement tomorrow in Prague concerning his future. That's what the fax from the Buffalo Sabres said. What will really take place tomorrow, one can only speculate. The possibilities range from a major trade taking place, the Hasek has been advised to hang up his skates by his doctor because of the seriousness of his groin injury, or that he plans to play just one more year and then retire.

We can throw out the first idea out right away. No trade announcement would be made from Prague. The trade would be made in North America and would be announced here. Also, Hasek has always said that he wants to finish his career in Buffalo.

The second idea, that his doctor advised Hasek against ever playing again is a definite possibility. He was playing with extreme pain at the end of the year and he had a herniated groin. If Hasek ever tore the groin, it would end his career right there. Hasek was supposed to have the groin operated on this summer. This could possibly be it for the Dominator. The "No Goal" scored by Brett Hull on Hasek could be the last. And what a shame that would be!

The final possibility is that Hasek will play one more year and call it quits. This is the theory that most people are adhering to. ESPN and the Buffalo radio stations are sticking to this idea. One thought is that Hasek announcing his retirement so that the Sabres don't trade him this upcoming season. By announcing his retirement for the season after next, he nails his position with the Sabres.

No matter what the reason for the press conference is, it doesn't bode well for the Sabres future. If the Sabres had been able to make a trade for him, they could have gotten a ton of good players for him. Now all they will get is relief on their budget.