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The Poetry Corner

This is a page for all you writers out there. The poems you submit can be about anything in your heart and mind. All subjects welcome. I'll start the ball rolling with a little something I wrote on May 19th, 1999:

The lights are low
I am anxious
There are murmurs from the crowd
We are all waiting
There's a distant hum
I think it's my heart
The lights start to move
The music begins
She comes into view
I am taken in
I feel I can't breath
Yet I shout out loud
The tears do not fall
Yet I know they are there
I am moved by her
Her voice and her style
I will never be the same
I want it never to end
Yet I know it will
I will wait
For her return
A Poem sent from Amy on June 13th.
Fallen Angel
My Wings are broke
And I have fallen
With fear that racks my body
It's so dark down here
And I can't breath
Help me...........somebody?
I'm scared as Hell
From fear before me
For I cannot hear a sound
My soul cries
My heart bleeds
I fall upon the ground
My flesh is torn
For I cannot feel
I hear someone callin'
Why has this happened?
I am an Angel
Why oh why have I fallen?
A poem sent by my new friend Beth on June 14th, 1999:
By: Beth Ellen Lozier
We've grown up together,
We've started each new school year side by side,
We were inseparable from dawn ‘till dusk,
All the grown-ups talked about us,
And said what we had was,
Forever Love.
You were my first date,
And I was yours,
You asked me if I'd wear your class ring,
And you were overcome with joy when I said yes,
We knew right then we'd be together,
Forever Love.
Through the years we've grown together,
Closer and closer we've become,
I took your hand in marriage,
And said I'd love you forever in my vows,
And to me you became,
Forever Love.
We've made it through the good times,
We've made it through the bad,
We've had two children together,
And as we've watched them grow up,
The love our family has grown to know, will always be,
Forever Love.
Our fifth Anniversary came and went,
And before we knew it so had our tenth,
And on our fifteenth Anniversary,
After exchanging gifts,
They brought us out a cake that said,
Forever Love.
And now here on our fiftieth,
I am setting by your hospital bed,
The doctors say there is no chance you'll awake,
To talk to me again,
But, you have to, so just once more, I can say,
Forever Love.
They want me to sign a paper,
So they can turn off all the machines,
They say they're the only things keeping you alive,
I told them to come back later, because,
I need to find a way to say good-bye to,
Forever Love.
As I set here in the silence,
And watch you peacefully sleep,
All the memories come flooding back,
Of all the things we've done,
And all the times we've said,
Forever Love.
I told you that I loved you,
And that I'd miss you for the rest of my life,
Then I told you that you were going to a better place,
And after saying good-bye, with a kiss and two words, the best way I knew how,
The doctors pulled the plug on my,
Forever Love.
I laid you to rest,
Up upon a hill,
Many beautiful flowers were around you,
Your favorite ones I planted at your headstone,
Right under where I had engraved,
Forever Love.
Your lawyer gave me your will,
And after reading it tearfully,
I found that you had left everything to our children,
And to me just a letter, I will cherish forever,
‘Cause I opened it up and saw only two words, Forever Love.
Six years have come and gone,
Many times I've came to this place,
Through the hot weather, through the cold,
I've came on special occasions,
Just to say to you,
Forever Love.
But, this will be the last time I come here alive,
I was told that I am dying,
They say that it won't hurt,
And that I don't have much time left,
So this will be the last time here on Earth I will say,
Forever Love.
I'll see you very shortly,
In your new home in heaven,
We'll be together forever and ever,
And I can't wait to see your face,
So that in person, from now on, I can say our two favorite words,
Forever Love.
I'll love you always,
And you'll always be my,
Forever Love.
If you wish to have a copy of any of the poetry that you read on this page, please do the right thing and email me for permission to copy. I will then email the author.
*Disclaimer: The owner of this site does not take responsibility for the content of the poetry on this page.
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