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Gates McFadden's Page


Thank you for taking the time to beam aboard!
I have been meeting new friends through the Gates McFadden Mailing List. If you want to join, the address is: Join up and join the Gates Chat!! *****NEWS FLASH*****
The NEW Star Trek Movie: Insurrection, was released on video to rent only on May 11th. So get on out there and watch it again and again and again and again, until they forget you have it, and you get to keep it...LOL, don't do that. Just wait until your local video store starts selling the extras at a discount, this way you don't have to wait until it's released to buy.
I will be scouring the net for more pics of Gates from "Insurrection", if you have any you would like to share, please email me at the address below.
I would really like to make this a nice site, so please, while you are here, if you are a fan, sign the guestbook. I will consider all ideas. Maybe some fan fiction or poetry about Gates or Dr. Beverly Crusher? Some stories about fans meeting her, (since this is rare), or anything else that would make this page interesting to others. If you have any pictures to share with me, that would be great too.
I am a HUGE fan of Ms. McFadden's, and I am one of the lucky ones to have met her a couple of times. Both meetings were at the "Star Trek Experience" here in Las Vegas. She is curteous, and sweet, and fun. She made me feel like I've known her forever. She made me laugh at one point until I thought I was going to choke..LOL. She's got to be one of the nicest celebrities I have ever met, that's why she's one of my favorites. As far as I could see, the woman is even BETTER looking in person, than she is on television. I didn't think it was possible, but it's true. As soon as I get my scanner fixed, I will add my autographed pics of Gates to this page.
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The webrings I have joined...we must stick together!! LOL
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**This page last updated on June 27, 1999.

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