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My Magick Spells

Welcome to MY Magick Spell Page. This page is going to be constantly under construction as I learn more spells. I would like to have a new spell every week. I will post what is needed for each spell, and also directions. Do NOT try these spells if you are NOT serious..there could be terrible backfires involved. Only the TRUE magickal can perform ANY spell! Thank you for the wonderful art on some of the pages on my site.
These are things to do to PROTECT YOURSELF against evil magic:
Paint or draw pentagrams, pointing outwards, on your doorsteps, cover them with your doormat. Then nail either horseshoes or horns upward over any entrance to your home.
OR hang an old knife or sword on the front and back door, surrounded by a wreath of bay leaves.
OR hammer three iron nails (traditionally "taken from a coffin") into each of the doors, two below, one above in triangular formation.
OR beneath your doorstep bury a witch bottle, a bottle stuffed full of bent nails and pins.
The use of iron is very important in matters of occult defense as you can see. It appears to have a definite "jamming" or "scrambling" effect on any magical signal when used with intention. It is partly for this reason that iron, and indeed any metal, is usually rigorously excluded from the dress of the candidate in magical initiation rituals where a definite transmission of power is required.
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