They Are What Beatles Fans Hear Today

From the Danish magazine "GO" 1972
Where are we going? That's the big question for Badfinger, the only group from Apple, who apart from the Beatles-members themselves has succeded in being a commercial hit! Badfinger states:-John Lennon hated us, and it was Paul MaCartney who found us and helped us in the beginning, but now it's George Harrison who helps us all he can.

And here in Denmark we are soon going to see Badfinger in the "Bangla Desh"-movie from the New York concert, created by George Harrison. Here Badfinger is the group in the background. They help George by singing, and playing a bit.

But Badfinger is also a group who deserves to be in the foreground. They have in many ways updated the easy but genius sound, that made Beatles something special. You get that impression from their first two records. They are the group behind many hits, the last couple of years. "Day After Day","No Matter What","Without You". The last one best known as a Harry Nilsson hit. Right now the group are standing at a turning-point in their career. Tom Evans, playing the bass, would like to see Badfinger developing into a real and more rockin' live band, doing long jams on stage, while the other main-songwriter Pete Ham, prefers the melodic and nice music that has made Badfinger what they are today.

-The next year will show where we end up, says Badfinger- we really need changes in one way or another. It's really needed because we feel locked up, which makes us feel bored! -The musical inspiration from the Beatles is in fact a problem for us. The puplic just thinks we are some sort of a no good beatle-copy, but we are in fact writing all our material on our own, perhaps with a better promotion we might have been even bigger than we are today!

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