New Year's Quiz 1998/99

The correct answers and the winner(s):

Question 1:

B-side of Maybe Tomorrow : And Her Daddy's a Millionaire

Question 2

B-side of Baby Blue:Flying

Question 3

B-side of Apple of My Eye :Blind Owl

Question 4:

B-side of Know One Knows : You're So Fine

Question 5

B-side of Hold On:Passin' Time

Question 6

Shortest Album :Airwaves

Question 7:

Longest Album : Straight Up

Question 8

Which Studio track is the longest:Timeless

Question 9

The Shortest Badfinger Solo Album :Best of Badfinger Featuring Joey Molland

Question 10:

The Longest Badfinger Solo Album : 7 Park Avenue

Question 11

First Quote:Keep Believing

Question 12

Second Quote :Live Love All Your Days

Question 13:

Third Quote : Love Is Gonna Come At Last

Question 14

Quote 4:Passed Fast

Question 15

Quote 5 :You're So Fine

Question 16:

Who contributed most songs for BBC-live : Molland

Question 17

Who contributed most songs for Day After Day - Live:Pete Ham

Question 18

Which Pete Ham Song From The Agora Concert was Left Out? :Perfection

Question 19:

Who Wrote The Liner Notes For Best Vol II ? : Dan Matovina

Question 20

Which Traffic Album Does Feelin' Alright Come From?:Traffic (2nd Album)

Question 21

Which Steve Miller Song Did Badfinger Often Perform? :My Dark Hour

Question 22:

CD's Released in 1998 : 1 / 2 ( Basil and A Place In Time ( actually 97 )

Question 23

Who was Born in 1949:Mike Gibbins

Question 24

Which Song Did Heart Record? :Without You

Question 25

How Many Songs On The First Warner Album? :12

The Winner!!!

Dave Amara!! - Congratulations

Dave had 24 correct answers - Joe Pellegrino was a close second with 23 :Thanks to everybody for taking part.

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