"Twotles" Re-Form in
All-Star Tribute

A tribute concert to George Harrison, boasting an all-star line-up of his friends, is to be held at the Royal Albert Hall on the first anniversary of his death on November 29. Among those scheduled to appear are Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Eric Clapton, Jeff Lynne, Tom Petty, Jim Kletner, Joe Brown, Ravi Shankar, Jools Holland, Eric Idle and Michael Palin.
Tickets are on sale now, proceeds will go to cancer charities.

October 24 - source Mojo Magazine

New George Harrison Album
in November

The album George Harrison was working on until two months before his death will be released in November. Produced by Harrison, his son, Dhani, and Jeff Lynne, the Dark Horse-
Capitol Records album Brainwashed features 11 new Harrison compositions. It's the first release of new Harrison material since 1987's Cloud Nine.
"Before we started working on the album, George and Dhani had collaborated extensively on preproduction," Lynne said. "George would come 'round my house and he'd always have a new song with him. He would strum them on a guitar or ukulele. The songs just knocked me out." The former Beatle died Nov. 29, 2001, after a battle with cancer. He was 58. Dhani Harrison and Lynne spent much of this year completing work on the album. "George constantly talked about how he wanted the album to sound, and there was always that spiritual energy that went into the lyrics as well as the music," Lynne said.
Brainwashed will be released on Nov. 19.
More Harrison Here!

September 21 - Thanks to Badfingerboogie2

Badfinger in Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Alan LeFever and members of the Badfinger Web Ring has created and written a petition to get Badfinger to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
The petition is hosted here at www.PetitionOnline.com as a public service. There is no express or implied endorsement of this petition by Artifice, Inc. or our sponsors. The petition scripts are created by Mike Wheeler at Artifice, Inc.
Sign Here!!

August 21 - Thanks to Rick Kellogg/

The Badfinger Box-Set!!

About 6 months ago a petition was started on R. Kellogg´s Badfinger site for the release of a Badfinger Boxset / A Rarities Collection. The hope was that signings from a lot af Badfinger fans would help “inspire” the people at the varoius record labels to support the idea. The petition is finished with app. 600 signings which now have been forwarded to the relevant people at the labels.
The number of signings ; less than 1000 ; was a bit disappointing - but still large enough to indicate that the number of potential buyers of a Badfinger Boxset, should make such a project profitable.
Meanwhile on Brando´s Badfinger web-site a writing campaign to Apple Records is currently still taking place in order to make the people there support these Badfinger releases.
Unreleased Badfinger recordings such as “Baby Please”, “Sing For The Song” and “Piano Red” deserve to be released by official labels.
On the Badfinger WYWH-Pages fans still have the opportunity to show which Badfinger- / releated recordings they would like to se on a 72 tracks Badfinger Collection. So far 35 fans have responded to this feature , but hopefully a lot more will do so during the coming months until a comprehensive Badfinger Box is a reality
All this should convince the people who holds the rights to Badfinger´s recordings that now is the time for more Badfinger releases.
Until then share your views with other fans , by taking part in the Ultimate Badfinger Collection feature

July 25 - LINK HERE!!

New Mike Gibbins Album!!

Mike Gibbins has recorded and released a new album: 
Again Mike is joined by old friend and former Ivey; Ron Griffiths. Guitarist Rick Warsing and UFO's Paul Chapman are also featured on these completely new recordings. Only Dream Harder, which was released as a charity single for September 11th, has been released before.

Featuring the following tracks:
1. Heavy Weather 2. To The River 3. Listen To Me 4. Sad The Clown (vocal by Ron Griffiths) 5. Dead Ratz (written by Chapman, Warsing, and Gibbins) 6. The Golden One 7. Dream Harder 8. Love Is Lookin' Over Me  

Find out here about Mikes various projects and new releases.  During his time with The Iveys and Badfinger, Mike rubbed shoulders with the Beatles and other luminaries of the music world.  . Read More!!

May 22 - Thanks to mikegibbins.com/

New Badfinger Book!!

Music writer Billy James is currently working with Joe Molland on a new Badfinger book " Day After Day - The Badfinger Story".
The hope is that the book will be finished and ready for sale by early 2003. Possibly a CD of rariries may be included.
Billy James has recently written a book on Yes and besides the Badfinger project he is currently working on a Todd Rundgren biography which will contain details from his work with Badfinger. The books are issued on Golden Treasures Publishing. Read More

May 8 - Thanks to Billy James

Forgotten Iveys Recording Rediscovered

An obscure import, a famous group's first record before they were famous, a promo only issue, a song recorded under a pseudonym, a song that was never intended for the music market, a song the fans don't know about. "Permissive Paradise" is all of these, and the kicker is that I never even heard of it until 34 years after it was recorded.
The song was written by Jeremy Cox and John Sidey.

Read The Whole Story Here!!

April 15 - Thanks to Rick Kellogg, Ron Griffiths and more

The Concert For Bangla Desh to be Reissued Remixed and Remastered

The Concert for Bangla Desh was the first hi-profile multi-star benefit concert of the post-psychedelic era. In the wake of the passing of George Harrison the 1991 CD edition has been reissued. But unless your urge to acquire it immediately is utterly irresistible, you are advised to hold your horses until later on this year , when the Director´s Cut remixed and remastered version on which Harrison was working at the time of his terminal illness will become available
An interesting note is that the concert raised less than 250.000 US dollars, though this figure was later pumped up by album and film royalties.

February 25 - Source "Mojo Music Magazine"

Finally A Badfinger Boxset/Rarities Album

A concentrated 'grassroots' effort has begun in order to gather support for the release that Badfinger fans worldwide have been hoping for, for years ; the long overdue Badfinger 'Rarities/Box Set' !
All valid names from this petition will be forwarded to Apple Records - London. The goal will be to collect as many names as possible by June 2002 (or as posted). Your support in this effort is crucial for this to happen! Let other friends know about this petition - have them sign up too! The more valid registrations, the better!.
The idea for this can be credited to many people - as fans, we have all thought about it at one time or another.
But special a thanks! goes out to:
* Rick Kellogg ( Web-master of The Badfinger Web-Ring) who has been the driving force in this effort, and who has created the neccesary web-programming.
* Brian Fagnano, (Brando) for his efforts over the past several years in coordinating several 'write-in' campaigns to Apple Records.
* Tom Brennan's 'Badfinger Library' has also proposed several ideas for Badfinger CD compilations.
And a special thanks! to all the fans that over the years have kept this idea alive! - Now lets see if we can make this happen!!!

Check/Sign Here!

January 23 - Thanks to Rick Kellogg

New Molland Promotion Video

A production company has finished a music video for "Isn't That A Dream"  from Joe Molland´s recent CD "This Way Up". Molland´s Independent Artists will be offering that DVD for sale.  There is a sample at the Joey Molland website to view.

Molland Website

December 23 - Thanks to Rick Kellogg

George Loses Battle With Cancer

George Harrison lost his battle with cancer Thursday (Nov. 29), dying at the home of a friend, Gavin De Becker, in Los Angeles at 1:30 p.m. Harrison's wife Olivia and son Dhani, 24, were by his side. Harrison was 58.

"He died with one thought in mind -- love one another," said De Becker, as quoted in Reuters. The former Beatles' guitarist -– dubbed the "quiet Beatle" for his low-key demeanor -– had been in and out of hospitals for treatment of lung, throat, and brain cancers over the past few years. Most recently, he was treated at Staten Island University Hospital in November.

Reports surfaced in July that Harrison was on his death bed, shortly after he had brain surgery in Switzerland (allstar, July 23), and months after he had undergone an operation for cancer of the lung at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., in May. Harrison also fought for his life after an intruder stabbed him several times at his home in December 1999 (allstar, Dec. 30, 1999).

Though ill, Harrison kept busy musically: He played slide guitar on former Rolling Stone Bill Wyman's recent single, "Love Letters" (from his current two-CD set Double Bill), lent his trademark weeping guitar to former Traffic member Jim Capaldi for his forthcoming single, "Anna Julia," and worked with pianist/British television host Jools Holland on a new single, "A Horse to Water," for Holland's Small World, Big Friends.

A full obituary and recap of Harrison's life and career will follow in allstar shortly. Check back for information on funeral arrangements and/or memorial services as well.

November 30 - Carrie Borzillo - Vrenna

Mike Gibbins Charity -Single

Following the tragic events in the US over recent weeks, Mike Gibbins has decided to put his efforts into releasing a CD single: "Dream Harder". All profits from the sale of this CD will be donated to the American Red Cross. Recorded in Exile Music's new premises, Mike again is joined by Rick Warsing on his first release for almost a year. Please purchase this CD to help the American Red Cross help America. $7 (plus shipping and handling): Badfinger - Mike Gibbins

October 4 - Mike Gibbins.com


I´ve received following message from Terry Paul, producer of "ROCK 'N' SOULS" Radio:

Badfinger Fans!

Attention all Badfinger fans, you will be excited to know that your favorite group and mine, yes, Joey Molland, Mike Gibbins & Bob Jackson have all granted "Rock ‘N’ Souls" Radio exclusive 1 h-o-u-r long interview each and like you've never heard them before!  During our time with Joey, Mike & Bob they all individually spoke truthfully about their careers with Badfinger, family as well as deeper philosophical topics such as departed loved ones and even Heaven!

If that were not enough, we also featured 5 fantastic songs by the group collectively and as solo artists to make this more than just an interview but an experience that you won’t want to miss!

Visit www.rocknsouls.com right now to check out Joey Molland, Mike Gibbins & Bob Jackson's page and be sure to click on their picture to find more pictures, quotes and a sound clip of all 3 on "Rock 'N' Souls!" 

Also, sign up for the "Rock ‘N’ Souls" newsletter so that we can personally let you know when and where you will be able to be apart of the "Rock 'N' Souls" interviews with Badfingers own Joey Molland, Mike Gibbins & Bob Jackson, not to mention our Badfinger contests and give away!

Sign Up! & Stayed Tuned!

Yours truly, Terry Paul, Producer "Rock ‘N’ Souls" Radio

August 22

Bob Jackson
and The Fortunes Gigs in Denmark

On August the 10th and The 11th The Fortunes, with former Badfinger-member Bob Jackson, played in Denmark. Saturday night´s show was in Holstebro and on Sunday night they played in Randers on a small festival where The Mersybeats and Marmelade were also on the bill. They did a terrific one hour show and with Bob as lead singer did powerful versions of Badfinger´s "No Matter What" and "Without You". Most of the Fortunes´ well known hits were there and another highlight was a "new" song called "From a Distance". Before and after the show Jesper, Thomas and I had a very pleasant time with Bob, who besides from being a very talented musician is also an extremely nice person.
Look out for a more detailed report on this site with pictures of Bob before and after the show

August 11

Badfinger Manager Bill Collins Passes Away

William "Bill" Collins who were the manager for The Iveys and later for Badfinger during the years 1967 till Pete Ham´s death in 1975 has died aged 89. Bill Collins got the band into contact with Apple Records. He strongly encouraged the band to write their own material and he lived with them in their house on 7 Park Avenue. He continued to be Badfinger’s British manager until Pete’s death in 1975. Collins was recognized as an equal partner with the 4 members of The Badfinger group.

The Passing of an Era

August 9 - Thanks to Mike Gibbins web-site

New Badfinger Tribute album

Press announcement from "Badfinger Tribute Artists":

"Artists from around the world have come together to remember the music and tragic story of the band Badfinger, and to raise money for VH1's Save the Music Foundation.  All net proceeds from the album will help to restore music education programs in America’s public schools, and to raise awareness of the positive impact music participation has on students."

Songs featured are:
Baby Blue, Without You, Name of the Game , Day After Day, Know One Knows, No Matter What , Maybe Tomorrow, I Can't Take It, Take It All.

Remembering Badfinger is available for only $15.95 plus shipping and handling.  About "Remembering Badfinger"...

"Three decades have passed since the band Badfinger signed with Apple Records and scored a number of chart hits that included: "Come and Get It," "No Matter What," "Day After Day," and "Baby Blue." During the early 70s,  they also wrote the timeless mega hit "Without You," first made famous by Harry Nilsson.

However, for Badfinger, fame and fortune did not last long.  In fact, fortune did not come at all.  While at the pinnacle of their careers, unscrupulous management sold the band down the river, and in doing so, this economic disaster directly and indirectly contributed to the suicidal deaths of two band members. The untimely deaths of Pete Ham and Tom Evans -  two very talented and prolific song writers - resulted in a great loss to the music world.

It is the spirit of this tribute album to capture the essence of the Badfinger genius.  We, the artists and supporting cast, dedicate this body of work to this band's gripping saga and to surviving members Mike Gibbons and Joey Molland.

Everyone involved with this tribute has contributed their time and talent without want of compensation in the hope that the Badfinger story will never be forgotten. Any economic gains from the sale of this work will be distributed to musical causes and organizations whose missions are to promote and celebrate music as a work of art and not as a means to profit. To this end, we are inspired to bring you, the listener, the music of Badfinger." Link Here - for more information!!

April 26 - 2001 Badfinger Tribute Artists

4 Badfinger Songs
on Top 500 Rock Songs List

The "Classic Rock" web-pages have put 4 Badfinger songs on their "Top 500 Rock Songs" list.
Day After Day is number 170, Come and Get It number 278, No Matter What number 335 and Baby Blue number 391.
See all songs here: Top 500 Rock Songs

February 28 - Classic Rock Com.

New Badfinger Live
2 CD Release!!

This Badfinger live CD was resurrected from Mike Gibbins´ personal collection.  The gig was recorded on a consumer cassette recorder and has recently been cleaned for posterity. Kevin McElligott at the Audio Department has made a great effort in the clean up process.  This was the last tour ever that Tommy Evans took to the stage before passing away in late 1983. Badfinger was then: Tommy Evans, Mike Gibbins, Bob Jackson, Reed Kailing and Donny Dacus.

The tracklisting features songs like: Sooner or Later, Come and Get It, Hold On, Day After Day , Midnight Sun, Suitcase, I Won't Forget You, Rock N Roll Contract, Airwaves/Look Out California, Baby Blue, Without You, No Matter What, Back In The USSR and more.
To purchase the CD : Badfinger - Mike Gibbins

February 12 - Mike Gibbins.com

Great Reviews For Head First and Pete Ham During 2001

During searches for reviews of Badfinger´s last Pete Ham album Head First I have found following interesting comments:

“Ham’s “Lay Me Down” could have easily put the band back into top 40 circulation.”
““Rock “n Roll Contract” is little more succinct, with some excellent guitar playing by Ham.”
“It is evident that Ham, had he chose to stick it out, could have blossomed into a world-class songwriter and performer.”
“The demo of “Lay Me Down” that closes the disc, clearly indicates that the strength behind Badfinger was, and will always be, Pete Ham.”
Quotes by Shawn Perry ( reviewer for “Classic Rock” )

“Musically, the band are still firing on all cylinders, as 'Lay Me Down', 'Moonshine' and 'Passed Fast' all prove.”
Quote ; The Classic Eye

“Badfinger completed their best album in 1975”
Head First works as a cohesive album, holding together better than any Badfinger record outside of Wish You Were Here
Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All Music Guide

“"Lay Me Down" revolves around a stunning melody with ferocious guitars and powerful drums supporting a sweet lead vocal and chorus.!”
“A treasure for fans of melodic pop and good songwriting (great songwriting in the case of Pete Ham)”
Quotes: by Don Krider ( reviewer for Music Epinions )

“The music on this album is among Badfinger's finest.”
Pete Ham's message to former Badfinger member, Joey Molland, Keep Believing. Molland, feeling he should be a bigger part of Badfinger than he was, left the band at the same time work began on this album. Ham has never been more uplifting than on this track. It is a very simple message about chasing your dreams, and, at the same time, an apology for any wrongs that might have destroyed a friendship. This is a very strong, beautiful song.”
“You would swear you were actually listening to the Beatles.”
Quotes: by Hurple ( reviewer for Music Epinions )

“The band's fabled pop genius still shines through, especially on "Lay Me Down," "Keep Believing," and "Turn Around."”
“A bittersweet epitaph to a great band--and a sobering lesson in the sordid business of pop music.”
Quotes: by Jerry McCulley ( reviewer for Amazon )

“Badfinger overcame the dispirited atmosphere enough to make Head First worthy of their reputation.”
““Lay Me Down” was conceived as a single but Pete Ham’s most inspired contribution to Head First is “Keep Believing.””
Quotes by : ©2001Rodney E Griffith.(inspiracy.com)

Head First was the last recording made with the band’s founder and driving force Pete Ham.”
“While all the members of Badfinger were talented singers and songwriters, Ham demonstrated a gift for melody and craftsmanship that mirrored Lennon & McCartney, Ray Davies and Brian Wilson.
Ham, Tom Evans, Mike Gibbins and new member Bob Jackson managed to produce a strong album.”
Ham’s two songs Lay Me Down and Keep Believing hold up well to some of his best material”
Tom Evans managed to overcome his recent slum and produce some of his most stunning work to date. Hey Mr. Manager and Rock ‘N’ Roll Contract
Quotes: Wayne Klein © Thin Ice Productions

December 24

Mike Gibbins´ First Album To be Reissued - Remastered with Bonus-Tracks

Exile studios have finally completed it's upgrade to a full 24 track digital recording studio, but still keeping the classic touches like an original hamond organ along with a leslie speaker, and a whole host of new state of the art equipment.  The future looks bright for all of Mikes new material plus collaborations.

Official launch...Re-mastered Mike Gibbins solo album:  A Place In Time, featuring 2 bonus songs:  Believe Me and Bahamas

December 16 - Mike Gibbins.com

By Morten Vindberg "Badfinger Wish You Were Here "