"New" Iveys tracks released on Apple Sampler

A sampler of rare Apple recordings "94 Baker Street-The Pop Psych Sounds of the Apple Era 1967-1969" has been released on October 6 in the UK. It features 5 previously unreleased Iveys demos.

I'm Too Shy ( Tom Evans )

Maybe Tomorrow (demo)(Tom Evans)

Tube Train ( Ron Griffuths )

She Came Out Of The Cold ( Pete Ham / Tom Evans )

I've Been There Once Before ( Pete Ham )

Other artists on the sampler include Grapefruit, Focal Point and Misunderstood. The CD will be released in the US on November 4.
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October 6

New Boox Spotlight Review
of the Badfinger Biography

Without You by Dan Matovina Frances Glover Books ISBN 0-9657122-2-2 444 pages Biography

Meticulously researched, meaty, superbly presented biography of Badfinger, the British band overflowing with talent, positioned for greatness — and ultimately destroyed — when leads Pete Ham and Tom Evans, mentally battered and financially steamrollered, each committed suicide by hanging themselves, eight years apart.
Author Matovina's near lifelong passion for the band shines through on every page, as he ushers readers from Badfinger's beginnings to its present day state; indeed, although the Badfinger name continues to be weighed down by a troubled past, Matovina is optimistic that the band's music has a viable chance to be widely rediscovered.
There are, too, of course, those nagging thoughts of what could (and should) have been. As Matovina muses, near the book's conclusion:
"In the long run, Badfinger may simply end up being regarded as one of the many other accomplished rock 'n' roll groups who traveled down the tortuous music entertainment road; ill-fated dreamers who expected the industry would embrace — and then wholly nurture — their own uniquely personal talents. But the conditions this particular band collapsed from meant some truly amazing abilities were never allowed to reach their full maturity. Under more compassionate circumstances, dealing with a few more altruistic hearts, there's no telling what could have been; we might have had yet one other, "Fab Four," rock 'n' roll legend.
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September 2 - source Rick Kellogg


Yes, friends, all Badfingers friends and fans are welcome to meet up for a day together at Golders Green on :

SATURDAY, AUGUST 16th, 2003.

We're going to visit the old Iveys sites, have a snack at the Old Bull and Bush, relax at Golders Hill Park visit Ivey House and stand shamelessly outside 7 Park Avenue to take photos! This is a great opportunity for fans to meet up.
If you're interested, please contact Keith James!!

July 15 - 2003 - Keith James

"In The Meantime" Out Now!

Mike Gibbins new album featuring a re-recording og his classic Badfinger song:  "In the Meantime" is out now More about the Album!!

May 12 - 2003 - source Mike Gibbins´ Website

New Mike Gibbins Album Release

Mike Gibbins re-records his classic Badfinger song:  "In the Meantime" for his upcoming new album, entitled "In the Meantime".  Keep coming back for an official title and release date, tentatively penciled in for mid April.  More about Mike

March 17 - 2003 - source Mike Gibbins´ Website

The Magic Christian on DVD

THE MAGIC CHRISTIAN 1969 movie featuring Ringo and Peter Sellers is now available on DVD. For Badfinger fans this is especially interesting since Badfinger contributed 3 songs to the movie soundtrack! More Details

February 25 - 2003

"Twotles" Re-Form in
All-Star Tribute

A tribute concert to George Harrison, boasting an all-star line-up of his friends, is to be held at the Royal Albert Hall on the first anniversary of his death on November 29. Among those scheduled to appear are Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Eric Clapton, Jeff Lynne, Tom Petty, Jim Kletner, Joe Brown, Ravi Shankar, Jools Holland, Eric Idle and Michael Palin.
Tickets are on sale now, proceeds will go to cancer charities.

October 24 - source Mojo Magazine

New Boox Spotlight Dan Matovina Interview!

Fans of Badfinger, the great Brit band that first hit the charts in the late 1960s, can settle in now for our Q & A with Dan Matovina, author of Without You: The Tragic Story of Badfinger.

Boox: What fueled your passion to write this Badfinger biography in the first place? Do you remember the initial spark, the moment you realized that the information you had could one day be the basis or a book?

Matovina: I've always been highly motivated by music. As a teenager it really helped me through tough times and brought out my more optimistic side. Badfinger was the first band I truly loved. I became obsessed with getting all of their music. It lead to a more personal interest in the group's background and that led to me writing the first major retrospective Badfinger article ever published. That came out in 1979. Some time in 1990, I was contacted by a gentleman who wanted to write a Badfinger biography.
My career was then focused on recording engineering and producing. I was in-between projects. I agreed to spend some time helping him. Eventually, he encouraged me to write the book alone and he would assist me. He saw I had become much more enthusiastic about the project than he was. I clearly remember my initial goal was to accomplish that this book would promote other people to investigate the great music by the band. I also realized the value in the lessons their story could convey. The whole project eventually overwhelmed my life for years to come. It was originally thought to be about a three-year project.

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September 2 - source Rick Kellogg


"No Matter What" (in edited form) is featured in the closing scene of "The In-Laws". The scene involves the two fathers (Steve and Jerry) riding on a jetski trying to divert a torpedo from destroying the wedding of the son of Michael Douglas' character Steve who is an undercover CIA agent. The song fits well with the two fathers growing closer as they work together as a team to catch a group of French smugglers who buy a submarine in order to help them deliver illegal goods to criminals and drug dealers.
"No Matter What" by Badfinger and a previously-unreleased Paul McCartney song, "A Love For You" are to be featured in the new film "The In-Laws" (opening in American theaters on May 23, 2003). "No Matter What" was a top 10 hit for Badfinger in 1970 and "A Love For You" is a McCartney outtake from the "Ram" sessions of 1970-1971. The song has appeared (in the last 2 decades) with different sets of overdubs on various bootlegs of a McCartney & Wings collection of outtakes called "Cold Cuts", but this will be its first official release. The new version will have newly recorded overdubs replacing some of the older ones.

June 3 - Brennan´s Badfinger Library


I´ve received following message from Terry Paul, producer of "ROCK 'N' SOULS" Radio:

Badfinger Fans!

Attention all Badfinger fans, you will be excited to know that your favorite group and mine, yes, Joey Molland, Mike Gibbins & Bob Jackson have all granted "Rock ‘N’ Souls" Radio exclusive 1 h-o-u-r long interview each and like you've never heard them before!  During our time with Joey, Mike & Bob they all individually spoke truthfully about their careers with Badfinger, family as well as deeper philosophical topics such as departed loved ones and even Heaven!

If that were not enough, we also featured 5 fantastic songs by the group collectively and as solo artists to make this more than just an interview but an experience that you won’t want to miss!

Visit www.rocknsouls.com right now to check out Joey Molland, Mike Gibbins & Bob Jackson's page and be sure to click on their picture to find more pictures, quotes and a sound clip of all 3 on "Rock 'N' Souls!" 

Also, sign up for the "Rock ‘N’ Souls" newsletter so that we can personally let you know when and where you will be able to be apart of the "Rock 'N' Souls" interviews with Badfingers own Joey Molland, Mike Gibbins & Bob Jackson, not to mention our Badfinger contests and give away!

Sign Up! & Stayed Tuned!

Yours truly, Terry Paul, Producer "Rock ‘N’ Souls" Radio

By Morten Vindberg "Badfinger Wish You Were Here "

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