New Molland Promotion Video

A production company has finished a music video for "Isn't That A Dream"  from Joe Molland´s recent CD "This Way Up". Molland´s Independent Artists will be offering that DVD for sale.  There is a sample at the Joey Molland website to view.

Molland Website

December 23 - Thanks to Rick Kellogg

George Loses Battle With Cancer

George Harrison lost his battle with cancer Thursday (Nov. 29), dying at the home of a friend, Gavin De Becker, in Los Angeles at 1:30 p.m. Harrison's wife Olivia and son Dhani, 24, were by his side. Harrison was 58.

"He died with one thought in mind -- love one another," said De Becker, as quoted in Reuters. The former Beatles' guitarist -– dubbed the "quiet Beatle" for his low-key demeanor -– had been in and out of hospitals for treatment of lung, throat, and brain cancers over the past few years. Most recently, he was treated at Staten Island University Hospital in November.

Reports surfaced in July that Harrison was on his death bed, shortly after he had brain surgery in Switzerland (allstar, July 23), and months after he had undergone an operation for cancer of the lung at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., in May. Harrison also fought for his life after an intruder stabbed him several times at his home in December 1999 (allstar, Dec. 30, 1999).

Though ill, Harrison kept busy musically: He played slide guitar on former Rolling Stone Bill Wyman's recent single, "Love Letters" (from his current two-CD set Double Bill), lent his trademark weeping guitar to former Traffic member Jim Capaldi for his forthcoming single, "Anna Julia," and worked with pianist/British television host Jools Holland on a new single, "A Horse to Water," for Holland's Small World, Big Friends.

A full obituary and recap of Harrison's life and career will follow in allstar shortly. Check back for information on funeral arrangements and/or memorial services as well.

November 30 - Carrie Borzillo - Vrenna

Mike Gibbins Charity -Single

Following the tragic events in the US over recent weeks, Mike Gibbins has decided to put his efforts into releasing a CD single: "Dream Harder". All profits from the sale of this CD will be donated to the American Red Cross. Recorded in Exile Music's new premises, Mike again is joined by Rick Warsing on his first release for almost a year. Please purchase this CD to help the American Red Cross help America. $7 (plus shipping and handling): Badfinger - Mike Gibbins

October 4 - Mike

All Things Must Pass - Rereleased

For Badfinger fans this reissue of George Harrison's 1970 album is of special interest, since the band contributed to the album on acoustic guitars. But of course this also a great album on its own.

If you assembled George Harrison's Beatles contributions from 1966 on, you'd have an album that could arguably hold its own with the band's loftiest achievements. Just as John Lennon and Paul McCartney shed their mop-top skin, the "Quiet Beatle" was making dramatic strides as a songwriter and guitarist, embracing the exotic sounds of Indian music, the ideals of Eastern philosophy, and forging a musical kinship with one Eric Clapton. It's no wonder, then, that Harrison's three-LP All Things Must Pass, originally released in November 1970, is widely viewed as the crown jewel of all Beatles solo efforts. The remixed and remastered 30th-anniversary edition offers a wealth of Harrison gems and Phil Spector's sweeping wall-of-sound production in full-on Technicolor, with bonus tracks (including a newly recorded "My Sweet Lord," the only unnecessary new element) and new liner notes from Harrison. Spector's sonic trademarks -- blaring horns, larger-than-life bottom end, and miles-upon-miles of reverb -- put an exclamation point on Harrison's grand, life-after-Beatles affirmations "Wah-Wah" and "What is Life," but the quietest moments found Harrison at his most expressive and inventive. The album-opening "I'd Have You Anytime" (co-written with Bob Dylan) sways delicately with a jazzy undercurrent and the heart from "Something" still attached to Harrison's sleeve. Dylan's influence touched "Apple Scruffs," the friendly kiss-off to Beatle-dom, while Harrison made the rafters shake with spirituality on "Awaiting on You All." Thirty years removed, what is most impressive about All Things Must Pass is that Harrison's distinctly uncompromising musical vision resonates loudest: over the reality of the post-Beatles existence, the religious themes, and a collaborator (Clapton) who was falling madly in love with his wife.

George has written some new liner notes which featured the following: "Rest in Peace Mal Evans, Carl Radle, Pete Drake, Pete Ham, Tom Evans and two of the O'Hara-Smith singers, Betty and Cyril.

February 1 - Thanks to Pat Berkery

Badfinger VH-1 to air on November 5

VH-1 will be airing a Behind The Music documentary on Badfinger. VH-1 has finally hammered out a deal with Apple and Warners and the special has been scheduled tp premiere on November 5, 2000 at 11 A: EST with repeat airings at 9 PM and 11 PM.

Paul McCartney has finally been interviewed about Badfinger ( Sept. 22 1999 ) , answering a few questions by complimenting Pete Ham and teloing some stories about the song "Come and Get It"

George Harrison did not want to participate. Apparently the topic is still painful for him to discuss because of his close friendship with Pete Ham and the circumstances surrounding Allen Kleins's failure to keep the group on Apple Records.

Dan Matovina was hired as a creative consultant for Badfinger, as it was his book and meetings with the executive director in Los Angeles that secured the show. He negotiated to get the promo films and photos from Apple for the program, after VH-1 were turned down by them initially. Dan has also discovered mamy other rare films and TV appearances of The Iveys/Badfinger. He travelled to the U.K. and conducted follow-up interviews for the program, picked out the Apple photos at their offices, and conducted "motion control" sessins in the U.S.

More than twenty people have been interviewed, among them the former Badfinger members Mike Gibbins, Ron Griffiths, Joey Molland and Bob Jackson. The director Mike MacNamara has wanted to hear many different sides of the complex tale of Badfinger. He will interpret his own final edit of the program. He has expressed to Dan Matovina that he intends to focus on Stan Polley and Bill Collins' involvement. be´sides the obvious Beatles connections and the tragic suicides.

October 18 - Thanks to Brando, Jesper and Dan

Great Reviews For Head First and Pete Ham During 2001

During searches for reviews of Badfinger´s last Pete Ham album Head First I have found following interesting comments:

“Ham’s “Lay Me Down” could have easily put the band back into top 40 circulation.”
““Rock “n Roll Contract” is little more succinct, with some excellent guitar playing by Ham.”
“It is evident that Ham, had he chose to stick it out, could have blossomed into a world-class songwriter and performer.”
“The demo of “Lay Me Down” that closes the disc, clearly indicates that the strength behind Badfinger was, and will always be, Pete Ham.”
Quotes by Shawn Perry ( reviewer for “Classic Rock” )

“Musically, the band are still firing on all cylinders, as 'Lay Me Down', 'Moonshine' and 'Passed Fast' all prove.”
Quote ; The Classic Eye

“Badfinger completed their best album in 1975”
Head First works as a cohesive album, holding together better than any Badfinger record outside of Wish You Were Here
Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All Music Guide

“"Lay Me Down" revolves around a stunning melody with ferocious guitars and powerful drums supporting a sweet lead vocal and chorus.!”
“A treasure for fans of melodic pop and good songwriting (great songwriting in the case of Pete Ham)”
Quotes: by Don Krider ( reviewer for Music Epinions )

“The music on this album is among Badfinger's finest.”
Pete Ham's message to former Badfinger member, Joey Molland, Keep Believing. Molland, feeling he should be a bigger part of Badfinger than he was, left the band at the same time work began on this album. Ham has never been more uplifting than on this track. It is a very simple message about chasing your dreams, and, at the same time, an apology for any wrongs that might have destroyed a friendship. This is a very strong, beautiful song.”
“You would swear you were actually listening to the Beatles.”
Quotes: by Hurple ( reviewer for Music Epinions )

“The band's fabled pop genius still shines through, especially on "Lay Me Down," "Keep Believing," and "Turn Around."”
“A bittersweet epitaph to a great band--and a sobering lesson in the sordid business of pop music.”
Quotes: by Jerry McCulley ( reviewer for Amazon )

“Badfinger overcame the dispirited atmosphere enough to make Head First worthy of their reputation.”
““Lay Me Down” was conceived as a single but Pete Ham’s most inspired contribution to Head First is “Keep Believing.””
Quotes by : ©2001Rodney E Griffith.(

Head First was the last recording made with the band’s founder and driving force Pete Ham.”
“While all the members of Badfinger were talented singers and songwriters, Ham demonstrated a gift for melody and craftsmanship that mirrored Lennon & McCartney, Ray Davies and Brian Wilson.
Ham, Tom Evans, Mike Gibbins and new member Bob Jackson managed to produce a strong album.”
Ham’s two songs Lay Me Down and Keep Believing hold up well to some of his best material”
Tom Evans managed to overcome his recent slum and produce some of his most stunning work to date. Hey Mr. Manager and Rock ‘N’ Roll Contract
Quotes: Wayne Klein © Thin Ice Productions

December 24

Mike Gibbins´ First Album To be Reissued - Remastered with Bonus-Tracks

Exile studios have finally completed it's upgrade to a full 24 track digital recording studio, but still keeping the classic touches like an original hamond organ along with a leslie speaker, and a whole host of new state of the art equipment.  The future looks bright for all of Mikes new material plus collaborations.

Official launch...Re-mastered Mike Gibbins solo album:  A Place In Time, featuring 2 bonus songs:  Believe Me and Bahamas

December 16 - Mike

Matted Spam a Big Success!

From Keith James I´ve received this note:
Hi everyone ! Just a quick note to say a big thanks for everyone who bought my recent four-part series, ‘Matted Spam- Your Badfinger Top 100’ Sorry, but we are now sold out. This however, is what some people have said:
“A fascinating read. A fine production. Yet another Keith James triumph !” Brian H (Eng)
“A thorough production featuring a wealth of Badfinger information.” Peggy (USA)
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“Keith, you’ve done a fantastic job.” Dan D (Can)
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“Super !” Nick (USA)
“A wonderful production and a great addition to ones Badfinger library.” John W (USA)
“Lots of nice things. Thanks.” Bo (Ger)
“Thanks for Matted Spam. We really enjoyed them.” Heidi and Larry (USA)
“Simply splendid !” Antonio (Ita)
“Wow ! What a great set !” Dan P (USA)
“Excellent. Another fine job from the maestro.” Bob J (Eng)
“Thoroughly enjoyable. You produce the kind of work I just want to sit and read from beginning to end in one go.” Paul A (Eng)
“A great set.” Val (Eng)

October 10 - Thanks to Keith James

Badfinger's "Director's Cut"
Now on DVD
A Digital Tragedy
Suicide, Theft and Colour Footage

Although Badfinger's sad saga has long since entered the realms of legend, seeing drummer Mike Gibbins declare bitterly in this documentary that "rock'n roll sucks" makes their tragic history come movingly alive. Led by gifted Pete Ham, internationally renowned and signed to the Fabs' Apple label, Badfinger had everything that they needed to hit paydirt. McCartney gave the band "Come And Get It" and Harry Nilsson's cover of "Without You" became an AOR classic. But fate dealt cruel blows, and a combination of bad management and theft resulted in the eventual suicide of both Ham and later, guitarist Tom Evans.

This digital epitaph tells the full story in fascinating fashion. Featuring in-depth interviews with surviving members Gibbins anf Joey Molland and contemporaries, the film also contains assorted promo films and various TV performances, including one from Beat-Club The Midnight Special. There is even a colour promo of Badfinger's earlier incarnation as The Iveys and hidden extras, with outtakes from the main interviews with Joey and Mike. On the downside the disc's menu is only adequate, and not including the now de rigueur discography is another minor omission. But quibbles are few and with remixed digtal 5.1 surround sound the music is stunning throughout.

August 30 - from British Music Magazine Mojo

"Badfinger - Behind The Music" - Re-Airs!

In November 2000, the major TV Company VH-1 aired a one hour documentary on Badfinger. Fans were delighted that Badfinger finally got some recognition, and CD sales proved that new fans also discovered/re-discovered the group because of the show. Much hard work had been put in, to make the show as accurate and informative as possible. But the Badfinger story is a complicated one, and obviously, important clips and quotes had to be left out. Though much footage of the band was shown, no comlete live performances were presented. Still the general opinion amongst fans is that the program served a good purpose in promoting the band, and VH-1 surely did a good job getting all the right people (including Paul McCartney) interviewed. The show is scheduled to re-air on April 26, 2001 showing at 1 a.m.

April 19 - 2001 - Thanks to Jesper's "Badfinger News"

Joey Molland's New CD Near Its Release

According to Randy J's Joey Molland pages there is yet no release date. No Title has been determined either, although "A Way To Be" has been circulating toward the top of the list. The running order of the songs has not been decided yet. The recordings were done at Echo Boys Studio in Minneapolis and at Badfinger Bassist Mark Healy’s Aurora Borealis Studios. 5 songs have been released before on earlier CD's; These are new recordings, though.

March 19 - 2001 - source Randy Justesen

New Mike Gibbins Album Out Now!

Mike Gibbins has now released his second solo album "More Annoying Songs". Mike's new album is featuring old Iveys/Badfinger member Ron Griffiths on two tracks as well as guitarist Rick Warsing. First reports say that this new album is even better than Mike's first "A Place in Time" which was released on Forbidden Records in early 1998. More about the new album can be found on Mike's own website,

November 14 - 2000

By Morten Vindberg "Badfinger Wish You Were Here "