Badfinger VH-1 to air on November 5

VH-1 will be airing a Behind The Music documentary on Badfinger. VH-1 has finally hammered out a deal with Apple and Warners and the special has been scheduled tp premiere on November 5, 2000 at 11 A: EST with repeat airings at 9 PM and 11 PM.

Paul McCartney has finally been interviewed about Badfinger ( Sept. 22 1999 ) , answering a few questions by complimenting Pete Ham and telling some stories about the song "Come and Get It"

George Harrison did not want to participate. Apparently the topic is still painful for him to discuss because of his close friendship with Pete Ham and the circumstances surrounding Allen Kleins's failure to keep the group on Apple Records.

Dan Matovina was hired as a creative consultant for Badfinger, as it was his book and meetings with the executive director in Los Angeles that secured the show. He negotiated to get the promo films and photos from Apple for the program, after VH-1 were turned down by them initially. Dan has also discovered mamy other rare films and TV appearances of The Iveys/Badfinger. He travelled to the U.K. and conducted follow-up interviews for the program, picked out the Apple photos at their offices, and conducted "motion control" sessins in the U.S.

More than twenty people have been interviewed, among them the former Badfinger members Mike Gibbins, Ron Griffiths, Joey Molland and Bob Jackson. The director Mike MacNamara has wanted to hear many different sides of the complex tale of Badfinger. He will interpret his own final edit of the program. He has expressed to Dan Matovina that he intends to focus on Stan Polley and Bill Collins' involvement. be´sides the obvious Beatles connections and the tragic suicides.

October 18 - Thanks to Brando, Jesper and Dan

Head Fails?

English record company Snapper Music, has to the surprise of most Badfinger fans announced that they are planning to release Badfinger's still unreleased album "Head First" this September.

It is to be a 2-CD package; one with the original Head First recordings and one with bonus tracks (Pete Ham demos etc). In other words, a release similar to the one Forbidden Records tried to put out last year. Badfinger drummer Mike Gibbins have supplied Snapper with the tape copy of the Apple mix which is to be used for the CD.

There is however already quite a lot of confusion surrounding this planned release. Dan Matovina, as representative of the Pete Ham estate, and former Badfingermember Bob Jackson obviously have't been informed in any way of this project before it was annouced last week. Dan Matovina stated that it's " not a legitimate deal and all stops will be pulled by Bob Jackson and the Ham estate to stop its release".

How can this happen?. Is Snapper a bootleg company? No, definitely not! They have re-released most of the Pretty Things catalogue with top quality liner notes and bonus tracks.

You must therefore believe that they act in good faith. The problem seems to be lack of communication between Mike Gibbins and the rest of the parties that have interest in the release.

The original Head First masters have just recently been located, and therefore a release from a tape copy is no longer desireable. Hopefully when this mess is cleared out, Snapper ,with help from Gibbins, Jackson , Matovina and the rest of the parties involved, can release a CD from the original masters, digitally cleaned up and remixed.

From Souxie O'Neill of Snapper Music I've received this statement:


Snapper Music are proud to present the forthcoming release of.... "Head First" The Final Badfinger Studio Album with Pete Ham Release Date: September 2000. Date to be announced. Album Info "Head First" - the final studio album by Badfinger before vocalist/guitarist Pete Ham's suicide in April 1975 - is certainly one of the most legendary unreleased albums in rock history. For more than two decades Badfinger fans have waited for this album to be issued. Finally, twenty-five years after it was recorded, this long-lost album can take its rightful place alongside such Badfinger classics as "No Dice." "Straight Up" and "Wish You Were Here."

Badfinger were one of the finest English rock bands of the seventies. Discovered by The Beatles' Apple Records label in 1968, Badfinger worked extensively with former Beatle George Harrison and scored a string of sublime power pop hits that included the Paul McCartney-written "Come and Get It,", plus "No Matter What," "Baby Blue" and their gold selling, "Day After Day". "Head First" was originally recorded for Warner Brothers as their first album after the departure of guitarist/vocalist Joey Molland and, with the addition of new vocalist/keyboardist Bob Jackson, headed the move towards a heavier sound. Crushing management related business problems (the manager had made off with the advance) and ongoing litigation made it impossible for Warner Brothers to release the album. Any hope that "Head First" would be issued finally faded on the morning of April 23, 1975. After months of band negotiations, and the trust in their long term manager finally dissolved, Pete Ham took his own life at the tender age of 27. After the master tapes of the album disappeared in the late seventies, it looked as if "Head First" was lost forever. Fortunately, Badfinger's Mike Gibbins had kept a tape copy of "Head First," which was remastered and used to produce this new CD.

"Head First" will be released in 2CD format, featuring the complete 10 track album and a second, bonus CD featuring never heard Demo's by the late Pete Ham. The album was produced by Kenny Kerner and Rickie Wise, producers of the early Kiss albums. While it is uncertain if any of the tragic events to come would have been averted had "Head First" been released as planned in 1975, it's clear that this fine album has remained unheard for far too long. But better late than never, and now - for one last time - you have the chance to hear an all-new album by Badfinger and remember the days when this remarkable group was making some of the finest power pop and rock ever recorded.


A holding page for the new album site, to be open to the public from 1st August is available at the URL below. The site will contain mp3 samples of "Head First" a digital postcard, message board and full info on the band.
More information about this release is available, contact :

Provisional Tracklisting: Badfinger - Head First

CD 1

1. Lay Me Down
2. Hey Mr Manager
3. Keep Believing
4. Passed Fast
5. Rock n Roll Contract
6. Saville Row
7. Moonshine
8. Back Again
9. Turn Around
10. Rocking Machine

CD2 Bonus CD

1. Time Is Mine
2. Smoking Guns
3. Old Fashioned Notion
4. You Ask Yourself Why
5. Keep Your Country Tidy
6. To Say Goodbye
7. Queen of Darkness
8. I Can't Believe
9. Thanks To You All
10. Lay Me Down

July 7 - 2000

The "Badfinger Files" Are Now Sold Out

Keith James has requested me take down any postings regarding the sale of his Badfinger File, as they are sold out.

June 22 - 2000

Delays For Badfinger Projects

According to Dan Matovina the VH-1 Documentary, his Badfinger book, and the new "Very Best Of Badfinger" are all on hold while further legal clearances are being dealt with. The earliest we may see them now is sometime in July, but none are fully scheduled. All the companies, and their lawyers involved, do not want the details of the situations revealed at this time. Dan says none of these situations have anything to do with the U.K. court case. He will provide a report on that once he gets all the court related documents.

April 24 - Source; Jesper's Badfinger News

New Badfinger Compilation To Be Released In May

Capitol/EMI will be releasing a new Badfinger compilation on May 23. No track listing has been revealed yet. The title will be "The Very Best Of Badfinger". Whether it will contain both Apple and Warner tracks is still uncertain; hopefully some of Badfinger's great still unreleased recordings will be added as bonus tracks.

April 9 - Source: Brando's Badfinger Page

"Say No More" Digitally Remastered and Ready For Release in March

Badfinger's last album "Say No More" from the original masters, now digitally remastered will be available at the end of March for the first time officially. It can be ordered from , , Also it can also be ordered directly from Real Music at a 10% discount for information on how to order from Real Music email Joe Tansin at

February 24 - 2000 - Thanks to Jesper's BadfingerNews

Latest On Say No More Re-release

The 1981 originally released Badfinger album "Say No More" is expected out on CD in March this year. Unfortunately it is not expected to contain any bonus tracks. However it will have a new remastering, and it should be a great to get the rare Badfinger record out in top CD-quality. The re-release will feature the original artwork.

Joe Tansin, former Badfinger guitarist, is behind this release and he has publically given this statement:

It has been brought to my attention that this record ( "Say No More" )is being sold on the internet by Midnight Records, and it is being bundled with a Joey Molland reissue titled "After The Pearl." The distribution of this record without my permission is illegal, and any monies that have been collected have been collected illegally. I am demanding an immediate cease and desist of any further sales and distribution of this record, and I am demanding a full statement of accounting of all records that have been sold without my permission. The widow of the late Tom Evans, Mary Ann Evans, who has not released mechanical licenses for her husband's compositions on this record, has been informed and is handing the matter over to her attorney as I also intend on doing. This is a violation of federal laws and I fully intend to sue for any monies owed, including maximum allowable damages, unless you cooperate fully and promptly. Attached are the pertinent portions of my licensing agreement showing that I am the only legal licensee of this record and I have a 10 year agreement with Alan Jacobi, the legal owner of the masters, who has licensed them to me exclusively. Sincerely, Joe Tansin

January 21 - 2000 - Thanks to Jesper's BadfingerNews

"BBC In Concert 1972-73" To Be Re-Released in Early 2000

The record label"Fuel 2000" has signed an exclusive agreement with the BBC to release all those great recordings in North America. Len Fico of Fuel 2000 informs;"The Badfinger release now due 1/25/00 is the exact same release as the U.K. version except we fixed the song title errors. The list price will be $14.98 and should be available at all record stores nationwide. We're distributed by the great Universal corporation so nobody should have a problem finding this cd. "

December 17 1999 - thanks to Len Fico

Revised Edtion of Matovina's Badfinger Biography out in Early 2000

The softcover version of Dan Matovina's" Without You: The Tragic Story of Badfinger" book is now sold-out! Fortunately a newly revised edition of the book, with a CD of new material, will be available for ordering in February or March of 2000.

12/6 1999 - from Dan Matovina's website

Bafinger's "Say No More" finally to be released on CD?

Unconfirmed rumors on certain Badfinger guestbooks indicate that Badfinger's last album from 1981 "Say No More" may be near its first CD-release. This album contains gems such as Tom Evans' terrific "Too Hung Up On You" and a version of "Rock'n Roll Contract" which was also recorded for the still unreleased "Head First" album.

8 November -1999

New Mike Gibbins Album Out Now!

Mike Gibbins has now released his second solo album "More Annoying Songs". Mike's new album is featuring old Iveys/Badfinger member Ron Griffiths on two tracks as well as guitarist Rick Warsing. First reports say that this new album is even better than Mike's first "A Place in Time" which was released on Forbidden Records in early 1998. More about the new album can be found on Mike's own website,

November 14 - 2000

New Head First Release Date: November 6

Snapper Music in the U.K. has scheduled November 6 as their release date for the Head First project as a 2 CD set using the track listing put together by Dan Matovina. The U.S. release will follow the week after on November 14. According to Frank Pol, the disc is due to be released in The Netherlands on October 23 on the Artican label. It's due out in Japan on the Nippon Crown label on October 25. The sleeve notes written by Dan Matovina are now on Snapper Music's web-site Snapper Music . Disc 1 will feature the Phil McDonald rough mixes done at Apple Studios and will be takes from Bob Jackson's tape copy. Disc 2 will feature demos from the era by Pete, Tom, Mike and Bob compiled by Dan Matovina

Oct 18. Thanks to Tom Brennan and Jesper

Head First Release Date: November 14

CD.Now is now taking advance orders of Badfinger's still unreleased "Head First" album recorded late 1974. It will be released on the British label Snapper Music as a double CD-set with one CD featuring demos recorded by Pete Ham, Tom Evans, Mike Gibbins and Bob Jackson. The expected release date is November 14. The price will be $ 17.95.

September 23, 2000 - source: The CD-Now Website

Excellent Reviews For "The Very Best of Badfinger"

The new Badfinger compilation released on the 12th of September gets excellent reviews on the various web-sites. Especially the sound of the "Straight Up" tracks has been improved.

23 Sept. 2000

Second Edition of The Badfinger Biography Ready in July

The revised edition of Without You: The Tragic Story Of Badfinger is now ready for online ordering. It includes a 19 track/72 minute CD of never-before released demos of Pete Ham and Tom Evans, The Iveys live/demos, interviews from radio and backstage of Pete Ham and Tom Evans, plus many other surprises. This material is oriented to help follow the book's storyline and each "track" is marked in the book. A CD booklet is included. A CD tray card will soon be downloadable from the internet. For more info,and online ordering, go to Dan Matovina's newly updated website

July 16 - Thanks to Jesper's BadfingerNews

"Very Best" Out In September!

Capitol Records is now indicating the release date of the new Very Best Of Badfinger CD is scheduled for September 12, 2000. It is an Apple Records release. Warner Brothers tracks were licensed. Dan Matovina indicates all the potential previously-unreleased tracks were eventually vetoed off, but he says there is a marked improvement in the sound quality of a majority of the tracks, especially the Straight Up songs. It is a complete new remastering. The song order is as has been reported on other web sites, except that "Lonely You" is track 17 and "Love Time" is track 18. There are many new photographs in the booklet. Andy Davis of Record Collector wrote the new liner notes. An extensive report on the project will be coming in the future.

July 16 - Thanks to Jesper's BadfingerNews

Snapper Music Confirms "Head First" Release
Negotiations with Matovina and Bob Jackson

Susi O'Neill of Snapper Music States regarding the possible release of the unreleased Warner Brothers LP “Head First”. "I would like to confirm that the album is NOT a bootleg but a legitimate recording, CD1 being the original album for Warners recently remastered, and CD2 compiled from album demos from the same period. Snapper Music is currently negotiating a fully authorised release of the album with biographer Dan Mantovina and Bob Jackson and are confident of a UK and European release in September 2000.

July 14 2000

Track-listing for "The Very Best of Badfinger" revealed.

"The Very Best of Badfinger" is now scheduled for release in August 2000, on Apple/Capitol Records. No big surprises in the track-listing:

No Matter What, Day After Day, Baby Blue, Name Of The Game, Maybe Tomorrow, Come and Get It, Rock Of All Ages, Carry On Till Tomorrow, Midnight Caller, We're For The Dark, Without You, I'd Die Babe, It's, When I Say, Dennis, Love Time ,Lonely You and Meanwhile Back at The Ranch/Should I Smoke

This new Badfinger compilation contains both Apple and Warner tracks. Undoubtedly this album will be a good appetizer and a good place for "newcomers" to start, All the hits are represented and most of the immediately catchy songs are here. Good to see Pete so well-represented and also great that "I'll Be The One" , the great lost single, is included.

Obviously great songs have been left out, considering that is only a 1 CD-collection, but tracks like "Blind Owl", "Shine On", "Know One Knows" and "Keep Believing" would have been very nice additions

Also a bit disappointing that that none of the great still unreleased tracks have not been included as bonus-tracks. ( e.g. "Sing For The Song", "Baby Please" and "Mr Manager")

May 23 - 2000 - Thanks to "Barb" for the track- listing

The Badfinger Files Available Again


Taking Orders Again!!!

Hi everyone from Sunny Swansea! Just a quick note to say that my three Badfinger File documents (mentioned on Brando's, Darren's, Tom's and other webpages) have been reprinted due to the great response and are now available. Thanks for your patience. Please use my email to contact me if you're interested, or check out what those who have received copies already have to say (Brando's News) Thanks for your support. (The Badfinger File is a non-profit fanzine dedicated to the appreciation of Pete Ham and Badfinger)  Thanks! --Keith--

"There are some gigs in here, not even I knew I did!" - Mike Gibbins
"It brought memories flooding back" - David Jenkins
"The boy did good! Lots of good stuff in here!" - Bob Jackson

The Badfinger File was the first European Badfinger Fanzine. This Fanzine lasted 16 editions between 1986 and 1991 and original copies are difficult to find! Here Editor Keith James selects the best features from the original copies of The File and adds an absorbing feature THE HISTORY OF THE BADFINGER FILE. Lots of info and pictures. The File Anthology is 60 pages big and will never be published again!!

A special one-off edition of The Badfinger File (the first for eight years!) Contains previously unseen pictures of the band. A review of "Golders Green", a look at Badfinger's old house, an interview with Dan Matovina, Mike Gibbins - Man of Mystery! Badfinger Live! Letters and lots more articles. Beautifully produced and filled with rare photographs. 40 pages big!

An incredible listing of over 300 gigs performed by The Iveys and Badfinger between 1964 and 1970. Features original posters and advertisements, concert memorabilia, The Early History Of The Iveys, festooned with over 50 photographs, some never before published. This document took twenty six weeks to research. Originally published in 1995. Badfinger Live! will never be published again. 56 pages crammed with information! These documents are not available on the Internet.

March 12 - Thanks to Rick Kellogg

"VH1 on Badfinger to Air in May 2000

According to Dan Matovina, The Badfinger program has gone back into production and should air around May of 2000. Director Michael MacNamara is involved in the show, but he is still very busy, and a writer is being hired to help develop the program. An interview or two remain to be done. Dan says he's found where all the Badfinger films (and many of the professional photos) are that exist. Now it is a matter of licensing. Some will be too expensive to use, according to a VH-1 producer. Though the show has lost some lustre with the public, the ratings still merit the series, and Dan expects the Badfinger show to air.

February 7 - Source; Jesper's Badfinger News

Badfinger Live on The BBC 72-73 out now!

Fuel 2000 is proud to finally make available in North America Badfinger BBC- In Concert 1972-1973 as its first release of our BBC Archives Series. Says Fuel 2000 label head, Len Fico, Badfinger was truly one of Britain´s pop gems. Overcoming the shadow of the Beatles, they proved themselves to be first-class songwriters and musicians. This album is a fine addition to their legacy and a great way to introduce the BBCís treasures to the .î Up-and-coming BBC- In Concert Releases on Fuel 2000 (Universal Music and Video Distribution) are: FEBRUARY: DINOSAUR JR, SMALL FACES, HUMBLE PIE MARCH: LOUDON WAINWRIGHT III, PROCUL HARUM APRIL: MUDHONEY, TED HAWKINS, TIM BUCKLEY Media Contact for these BBC Releases: Anne Leighton: Phone: 718-881-8183/Fax: 718 655 4622/

1. February 2000 - from Len Fico

Yet Another Set-Back For Badfinger on VH1!

VH-1 Behind The Music, quote from Dan Matovina "The VH-1 Badfinger television special has been delayed again. Executive Producer Gay Rosenthal left a message a week ago indicating she foresees the start of finishing the production to be in February of 2000, with a spring airing of the show. She said the program is still a very high priority. One of the delay factors now is that director Michael McNamara is committed to other programs through January of 2000. I fully expect the program to air eventually, though it is now the longest delayed show of any planned Behind The Music ever, according to one of the associate producers who works there."

October 30 1999 - thanks to Jesper's BadfingerNews

New Exciting Second Edition of The Badfinger Biography

Dan Matovina has indicated he is still at work putting together a revised edition of his book for release in March of 2000. Besides updates and corrections to the text, there will be additional appendices of live dates, studio dates, and a new glossy photo spread of eight pages. The big plus is a 74 MINUTE CD of previously unreleased demos by Pete Ham and Tom Evans, The Iveys, plus press and radio interview segments and phone conversations with Pete and Tom, most of which have never been out to the public. Dan says the CD will be chronological, so you can follow through the book playing the tracks as they come up (markers will be displayed).

October 30-1999 - Thanks to Jesper's BadfingerNews

By Morten Vindberg "Badfinger Wish You Were Here "