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Joey Molland Records
New Christmas Tune

Joey Molland has recorded a new Christmas song, called "The King of Kings". The song has not been commercially released on a CD, but an MP3 version can be heard on Joey´s website.
Musicians featured on "King of Kings" are Bob Millea on drums and bells, Tom Lecher on bass, Harry Pulver Jr on accordion and keyboards. Harry Pukver also engineered. Randy Anderson played lead and rhythm guitars, Doug Molland acoustic guitar and Joey Molland did the vocals,rhythm and slide guitars and the little intro lick.
Nothing has yet been revealed about if a CD release of the song is to be expected!
Check out the song here!

December 16 - Source : Badfinger Boogie

The "Say No More" Master-Tapes Lost!

It seems that the original master-tapes of Badfinger´s final album "Say No More", originally released on Radio Records in 1981, have been lost for years. Former Badfinger guitarist Joe Tansin who was behind the year 2000 CD-release on independant label Real Music, licensed use of the DAT tape copies, which were made before the master tapes were destroyed. Supposedly the original tapes were thrashed in order to save space on storage. Incredible!
The album is remembered for the great Tom Evans ballad "Too Hung Up on You" and the minor hit-single "Hold On".

September 7 - WYWH

Ass to be Re-Released on May 25th

Badfinger´s 5th Apple album "Ass" ( including "Maybe Tomorrow" ) is reported to be due for re-release on May the 25th. The album is already in the catalogues of Amazon, HMV and CDon and can be pre-ordered now already!
The album will have catalogue number: CD SAPCOR 27 and will be released on EMI/ Apple. The tracklisting is the same as on the first CD release from 1996, with only one bonus track "Do You Mind". The album features great Badfinger Classics such as "Apple of my Eye", "Blind Owl", "When I Say" and "Timeless".
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May 4 - WYWH

Badfinger Twice on All-Time Albums Top 100

“No Dice” is voted 80 best album of 1970 on the “Rate Your Music” website, and “Straight Up” is number 52 in 1971. Take a look on the web-site by using the link below!!
Not very many people have rated Badfinger's albums, so there´s a good chance to get more albums on the lists, and help these 2 higher up!! How about signing up and start rating?

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March 8 - WYWH"

3 Songs removed from "94 BAKER STREET"

Due to contractual reasons, the 3 Misunderstood tracks had to be removed from the "94 BAKER STREET" CD. A few copies of the new CD appear to have gone out with the original liners, which have since been corrected. Also, the order of the first 2 tracks has been corrected.

January 10 - source "Badfinger Boogie"

"New" Iveys tracks released on Apple Sampler

A sampler of rare Apple recordings "94 Baker Street-The Pop Psych Sounds of the Apple Era 1967-1969" has been released on October 6 in the UK. It features 5 previously unreleased Iveys demos.

I'm Too Shy ( Tom Evans )

Maybe Tomorrow (demo)(Tom Evans)

Tube Train ( Ron Griffuths )

She Came Out Of The Cold ( Pete Ham / Tom Evans )

I've Been There Once Before ( Pete Ham )

Other artists on the sampler include Grapefruit, Focal Point and Misunderstood. The CD will be released in the US on November 4.
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October 6

Now 3 Badfinger Albums on the All-Time Album Charts

Now finally it seems Badfinger´s 1974 album "Wish You Were Here" is on its way to get the recognition it deserves. It has now entered the "Rate Your Music" list as no. 104 for 1974. This, of course, is not as high as it ought to be; but it may be the beginning of a slow and deserved rise on the list.

"No Dice" is now no. 72 for 1970, and "Straight Up" is no. 67 for 1971

During the last 8 months about 20 people have giving their ratings to Badfinger´s albums, which is beginning to show on the lists.

How about signing up and give your ratings?

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November 29 - WYWH

Airwaves CD-Reissued

Wounded Bird Records has released the Badfinger 1979 album "Airwaves" It is their original album on Elektra, with no bonus tracks. The CD is from made the master tapes that were in the Elektra vaults. It is currently in stock and available for purchase, $10.98 plus postage.

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August 13 2004 - Thanks to Wounded Bird Records!


Keith James is publishing the last three parts: four, five and six, to this tribute package for Pete and the boys. 180-pages, shamelessly crammed with enough previously unpublished Badfinger information to make you a serious anorak who really needs to get a life and try and get out more ! No quizzes, stacks of previously unseen pics, artwork by Pete and only one editorial, with reproduction quality the best yet ! This set of 'Better Days' has been eighteen months in the making….

Price UK: £24.00, US of A: $40.00, Europe £25.00, Japan £25.00 (Price includes postage)

To reserve a copy and obtain the postal address, or if you have any questions email Keith first, his new email address: Keith James at

February 10 - source Brando

New Boox Spotlight Dan Matovina Interview!

Fans of Badfinger, the great Brit band that first hit the charts in the late 1960s, can settle in now for our Q & A with Dan Matovina, author of Without You: The Tragic Story of Badfinger.

Boox: What fueled your passion to write this Badfinger biography in the first place? Do you remember the initial spark, the moment you realized that the information you had could one day be the basis or a book?

Matovina: I've always been highly motivated by music. As a teenager it really helped me through tough times and brought out my more optimistic side. Badfinger was the first band I truly loved. I became obsessed with getting all of their music. It lead to a more personal interest in the group's background and that led to me writing the first major retrospective Badfinger article ever published. That came out in 1979. Some time in 1990, I was contacted by a gentleman who wanted to write a Badfinger biography.
My career was then focused on recording engineering and producing. I was in-between projects. I agreed to spend some time helping him. Eventually, he encouraged me to write the book alone and he would assist me. He saw I had become much more enthusiastic about the project than he was. I clearly remember my initial goal was to accomplish that this book would promote other people to investigate the great music by the band. I also realized the value in the lessons their story could convey. The whole project eventually overwhelmed my life for years to come. It was originally thought to be about a three-year project.

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September 2 - source Rick Kellogg

By Morten Vindberg "Badfinger Wish You Were Here "

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