Now All Badfinger Studio-Albums Listed on "Rate Your Music"

"Rate Your Music" has now expanded their listings of favourite albums to featuring a "Top 1000" of each respective year. Previously only "No Dice", "Straight Up" and occasionally "Wish You Were Here" were to be found on their "Top 100" lists. The new feature lets light shine on all Badfinger studio albums. The only solo-releases to be featured are the 2 Pete Ham solo CD´s.

This is how the records were listed on December 14:

61 Straight Up - 1971
85 No Dice - 1970
109 Wish You Were Here - 1974
181 Magic Christian Music - 1969
243 Badfinger - 1974
310 Ass - 1973
453 7 Park Avenue - 1997
495 Maybe Tomorrow - 1969
522 Golders Green - 1999
607 Airwaves - 1979
733 Say No More - 1981
746 Head First - 2000
766 Day After Day - 1990
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December 16 - ""

No Badfinger Reunion!

Ron Griffiths, original member of Iveys/Badfinger, denies rumours of a possible re-forming of Badfinger.
"Why would I want to work alongside a person who has happily pocketed a share of what should have been my performance and mechanical royalties , over the last twenty - plus years", states Ron on "yahoogroup" Badfinger Boogie.

October 28 -

Pete Ham Now Up to

Pete Ham is now number one on the list of artists deserving to enter the "Songwriters Hall of Fame". Great!!! If you want to consolidate his position, log in on ""
Badfinger falls down a little to No. 38.
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September 29 - WYWH"

Pete Ham on the Way into
the Songwriters Hall of Fame

Pete Ham is currently number 17 on the list of songwriters on the way to enter the "Songwriters Roll Hall of Fame". If you want to accellerate his entry log in on ""
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May 30 - WYWH"

Badfinger Live 1974

Rykodisc Releases "Day After Day" Again

Rykodisc has decided to re-release the Badfinger Angora Live Concert from 1974. Unfortunately it seems to be with the same added over-dubs done by Joey Molland in the 1990's. The tracks were not placed in order of the original set list, and most of the drum parts were overdubbed, which has annoyed many Badfinger fans

From Rykodisc's press release:

Badfinger was one of the first bands to sign to the revered Beatles label, Apple Records, Badfinger had a string of hits in the early '70s and worked with both Paul McCartney and George Harrison.  Day After Day: Live is the only prefessional live recording of the band at the peak of their career.  This full concert from Cleveland features the original line-up of Joey Molland, Pete Ham, Mike Gibbins, and Tom Evans.  The band ended tragically when Ham committed suicide in 1975, followed by Evans in 1983.  Two of their biggest hits "Day After Day," and "Baby Blue" are included here.  Day After Day: Live has been out of print and demanded by fans for years!

May 10 - Source : RYKODISC RECORDS

Joey Molland Records
New Christmas Tune

Joey Molland has recorded a new Christmas song, called "The King of Kings". The song has not been commercially released on a CD, but an MP3 version can be heard on Joey´s website.
Musicians featured on "King of Kings" are Bob Millea on drums and bells, Tom Lecher on bass, Harry Pulver Jr on accordion and keyboards. Harry Pukver also engineered. Randy Anderson played lead and rhythm guitars, Doug Molland acoustic guitar and Joey Molland did the vocals,rhythm and slide guitars and the little intro lick.
Nothing has yet been revealed about if a CD release of the song is to be expected!
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December 16 - Source : Badfinger Boogie

Def Leppard Records Badfinger´s
"No Matter What"


Def Leppard's official website is reporting that Def Leppard will be releasing a new best of collection on May 17. The new collection will contain their cover of the Badfinger classic "No Matter What.

Now "ROCK OF AGES: THE DEFINITIVE COLLECTION" (Mercury/UMe), to be released May 17, 2005, marks the band's biggest-ever "best of" album and the first two-CD set in the group's phenomenal career, featuring the newly recorded single, "NO MATTER WHAT"

March 27 - Source : Brando´s Badfinger Pages!

Concert for Bangla Desh Out on DVD!

The legendary concert for Bangladesh from 1971 is now out on DVD. The concert features a.o. artists like Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, Leon Russell, Badfinger, Ringo Starr and of course arranger and driving force George Harrision. The concert features outstanding performances from Bob Dylan, who had temporarily retired from performing live, but was persuaded by Harrison to take part. Another highlight, especially for Badfinger fans, is the Pete Ham - George Harrison duet of "Here Comes the Sun"
The music has also been remastered and released on CD, with a Bob Dylan bonus track "Love Minus Zero - No Limit"

On October 19, 2005, a gala screening was held celebrating the release of the CD and DVD "The Concert for Bangladesh Revisited w/ George Harrison and Friends.

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October 28 - Amazon

Mike Gibbins Has Passed Away

I´m so sad to write this tragic news. Mike Gibbins has died in his sleep on Tuesday, October the 4th 2005. Mike was born in 1949.
Mike Gibbins was a terrific drummer and an original member of Badfinger. Mike also wrote great songs for Badfinger, and later also for his own solo career. Among his best loved songs are “Moonshine” from "Head First " and his two contributions to "Wish You Were Here" “In The Meantime” and “Your So Fine”
Play some of his great songs, and remember him as the great musician and songwriter he was!

Rest in Peace Mike!

October 4

New Deal with Bug Music Brings Hope for More Badfinger Releases in the Future!

Will "Baby Please" Finally be Released??

Badfinger writer and producer Dan Matovina has secured new publishing deals with Bug Music for material written by Pete Ham and Tom Evans and recorded by Badfinger. This brings hope for new Badfinger/Badfinger-releated releases in near future. As Matovina reveals in his interview with "Brando" ( Badfinger webmaster) this new deal will make it easier and more likely that unreleased Badfinger/Iveys material will see the light of day. This new deal may also mean that Matovina can turn his attention towards issuing a third volume of Pete Ham demos ( long-awaited) or a CD of unreleased Tom Evans material!

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September 24 - Thanks to Dan Matovina and Brando!

Pete Ham Now up to No. 3
Badfinger No. 31!

Pete Ham has risen to number 3 on the list of "Deserving of the Songwriters Hall of Fame".

Badfinger has made a great come-back - now up to no. 31!

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September 13 - WYWH"

Pete Ham Rises to Number 5!

Pete Ham has risen to number 5 on the list of "Deserving of the Songwriters Hall of Fame" - Seems like he might succeed in getting there some day!
Badfinger as a band had dropped down to no. 62. Quite inexplicable!
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August 6 - WYWH"

Badfinger in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Badfinger is currently number 34 on the list of bands on the way to enter the "Rock and Roll Hall of Fame". If you want to accellerate the band´s entry log in on ""
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May 2 - WYWH"

Now 3 Badfinger Albums
on the All-Time Album Charts

Now finally it seems Badfinger´s 1974 album "Wish You Were Here" is on its way to get the recognition it deserves. It has now entered the "Rate Your Music" list as no. 104 for 1974. This, of course, is not as high as it ought to be; but it may be the beginning of a slow and deserved rise on the list.

"No Dice" is now no. 72 for 1970, and "Straight Up" is no. 67 for 1971

During the last 8 months about 20 people have giving their ratings to Badfinger's albums, which is beginning to show on the lists.

How about signing up and give your ratings?

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March 2 - WYWH"

By Morten Vindberg "Badfinger Wish You Were Here "

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