The Two Badfinger Warner Brothers Re-Released
Expanded With many Bonus-tracks

Real Gone Music releases the two Badfinger Warner Brothers albums, which were originally released in 1973/74. The "Badfinger" album is expanded with the previously unreleased song “Love My Lady,” plus nine more outtakes from the album sessions; it’s the first time the original album’s been remastered (by Matovina from the original master tapes) since its maiden release on CD, while Matovina’s notes include fresh quotes from original producer Chris Thomas!
"Wish You Were Here" also features a previously unreleased song, "Queen of Darkness" and eight new remixes that highlight many un-used vocals and novel instrumental arrangements. Dan Matovina’s notes also include exclusive quotes from original producer Chris Thomas.

Both albums will released on November 2, 2018.

October 12 - 2018 - source: Amazon

New Keith James Publications 2015

Two new publications from Keith James: "Kings in their Castles" a 20-page celebration of the lads time at Clearwell Castle and "Jet'adore' a 20 page celebration of Badfinger's music with contributions and stories from over 100 pop musicians from over the decades. If interested, send a facebook inbox message or email Keith on

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March 31 - 2015 - source: Keith James

New Keith James Publication

"Those Precious Times" is a 24 page celebration of The Iveys 1969 tour of the UK with Gene Pitney, Marmalade, Joe Cocker and The Mike Cotton Sound. Eight weeks in research and illustrated. The price is £7 and this includes postage.
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February 1 - 2014 - source: Keith James

A 16 tracks CD compilation out now.

The postponed Badfinger compilation, "Timeless - the Musical Legacy of Badfinger is out now. The 25 tracks vinyl version (2 LPs) apparently has been cancelled for good.


December 21 - 2013 - source: Amazon

Badfinger/Man 1974 Tour Publication

"Wander on Down the Road" is a fantastic new 24-page publication telling the story of the Badfinger/Man tour of October 1974. Illustrated with previously unseen material, the publication comes off the back of eight weeks research and interviews with Joey Molland, Bob Jackson, Deke Leonard, Tag Hall and many others.

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September 5 - 2013 - source: Keith James

Flash and the Pan Remasters

This is not a Badfinger releated piece of news, but I think it's so great that Repertoire Records now are re-releasing remastered versions of the Flash and the Pan albums. So far 3rd (Headlines) and 4th ( Early Morning Wake Up Call) albums have been released. Also a 2 CD collection of extended Mixes and other rarities has been released ( titled "12 Inches" ). All Flash and the Pan albums are really great and like Badfinger shamelessly underappreciated. According to Repertoire Records also 5th album (Nights in France) and 6 th album are planned for release in near future. The rare B-side "Your Love is Strange" is supposedly to be included in "Nights in France".

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January 9 - 2013 - source: Repertoire Records

New Badfinger Publication from Keith James

A 44-page document containing the best of articles from his previous publications, “The Badfinger File”, “Matted Spam”, “Better Days” and “The Iveys File” most of which have been updated. Read for the first time the complete history of The Calderstones from 1962 through to Tommy’s departure in 1967, containing new information never before seen.

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June 17 - 2012 - source: Keith James

Great New Joe Tansin Single

Joe Tansin, who was in Badfinger during the Airwaves era, has released a great and very catchy single called "Glasgow Road". On the record he is supported by Dean Ford

Hear the Song

March 9 - 2012 - source: Joe Tansin

New Badfinger Compilation in Spring 2012

A new 16 tracks Badfinger compilation is planned for release in spring 2012. The title is supposed to be "Timeless - The Musical Legacy of Badfinger". It will include tracks from the Warner years along with previously released Apple recordings.

A vinyl version of the album will also be released. This will be a double album containing 25 tracks.

Tracklisting Here
How would you compile a Badfinger Collection?

January 2 - 2012 - sources: Dan Matovia & Tom Brennan

The Stairs Release their First Album

The Stairs will in the spring of 2011 release their first full length CD. The album will consist of tracks recorded during 2010, supplemented with selected songs previously released on EPs in the period 2006-2009. These include live favorites like 'Back From The Sky' and 'Little Bird. The provisional tracklist is: 1. What You're Looking for / 2. I've Got a Feeling / 3. Empty Chair / 4. If you Do not Know by now / 5. Little Bird / 6. Back From The Sky / 7. Song About Something / Nothing / 8. That's Not A Man / 9. A Bit of All Right / 10. Everything Is Open

There may be added one or two numbers to the list; maybe listed as bonus tracks. One of those could be the download only single 'What Loneliness Does' from 2008. An album title has not yet been decided for, but it could well be 'Empty Chairs', which was also the title of the recent EP.

In the meantime the group are well underways with songs for a successor, with completely newly written songs which the group hope to record during 2011.


January 10 - 2011

The Badfinger Remastered Albums Reissued

Apple Records has now released the four Badfinger albums, remastered and with new bonus-tracks. Among the many previously unreleased tracks "Sing For the Song", "Baby Please", "Piano Red" from the unreleased follow-up album to "No Dice" are treats. The remixing extended version of "I've Been Waiting" is another great addition, as well as the alternate version of "Timeless"

Sound-examples and Dan Matovina interview

October 27 - 2010

New Exciting Badfinger Remastered Reissues

Apple Records has decided to reissue the four Badfinger albums Magic Christian Music, No Dice, Straight Up and Ass. The CDs will be released on October 26 along with 11 other original Apple albums. Among those two with Mary Hopkin and James Taylor's first album. The music will be remastered from the original master tapes and previously unreleased bonus-tracks will be added. Rumor says that "Sing For the Song", "Baby Please", "Piano Red" along with several other rarities will see their first official release.

Unconfirmed tracklisting here:

Link to Apple here!

July 28 - 2010

Badfinger's Best Links on YouTube!

Webmaster Brando has on his Badfinger page collected links to Badfinger videos on Youtube. An easy way to get an overview of the best of what is available. Great idea!

Link here!

September 1

"New" Pete Ham Song Available

A very rare Pete Ham song has been put up for listening on The song, "John Forgot to Sing", is a gospel-type song; very melodic and moving. Both lyrically and musically it sounds like it was intended to be a Christmas tune. Pete is accompanied by Tom Evans on harmony vocals and acoustic guitar. Discrete strings seem to have been overdubbed. Sound quality is surprisingly good; especially on the vocals and the guitar. The song was recorded around 1969-70
On a Dodgers Christmas tune "Radio Clyde Merry Christmas", originally from 1976 has been uploaded.

Link here!

December 23 - 2007 - source: Dan Matovina

Badfinger Live on New DVD

Badfinger's 1973 live performance of No Matter What has been released as part of a DVD subscription series of "Burt Sugarman's The Midnight Special Legendary Performances." The Badfinger appearance was originally broadcast on March 2, 1973. It appears on the volume called, "Flashback To 1973". The DVD is not available in stores, only by mail order subscription. Another performance by Badfinger from this show of "Suitcase" was previously released on video in 1997 as part of a Badfinger documentary.

Link here!

December 1 - 2007 - source: Tom Brennan

New Song From Bob Jackson's Badfinger

Bob Jacksons Badfinger have released new song "In a Different World". The song can be obtained from their web-site for free. It's seems that there are plans of re-releasing the Snapper version of Head First, too.

Hear Bob talk about the new Song

February 8 - 2016

New Pete Ham & Tom Evans Releases Projected on PledgeMusic

PledgeMusic introduces new musical releases honoring the memory of Pete Ham and Tom Evans of Badfinger. You can pre-purchase fresh Pete Ham demos (the fourth collection to date) and some incredible rare Tom Evans tracks,

Source: PledgeMusic
Link Here!
Dan Matovina Notes!

May 7 - 2015

Head First Songs Re-Mixed

Remixed versions of "Lay Me Down" and "Passed Fast" have been put up on Youtube. The remixing has been done by Dan Matovina, and the songs sound simply great. "Lay Me Down" is ten seconds longer than the Snapper version, which can only mean that the Head First masters have been located - or at least some of them

Source: Youtube
Lay Me Down
Passed Fast

February 2 - 2014

3 Badfinger Albums Re-Released

The two Warner Brothers album - plus the BBC Live recordings are to be released on a 2 CD set. Unfortunately there is no previously unreleased material on this release. So far there is no information about whether the recordings have been remixed or remastered.

From Amazon: In late 1973, Badfinger found themselves recording the first of these two albums for Warner Brothers, despite the fact that their fourth album for the Beatles’ Apple record label was yet to be released. Luckily they still had producer Chris Thomas on board, and the band recorded an album of fine songs and fine playing. Within months they were contractually required to make another album, again with Thomas, recorded this time at Caribou Studios. Another excellent album, it was withdrawn with weeks of release due to various lawsuits, and sadly turned out to be the last album by the original line-up. Included on the second CD are two BBC “In Concert” radio recordings, where the band demonstrates their live capabilities. The booklet of this slipcased edition includes the lyrics and annotation by Alan Robinson.
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September 5 - 2013

"Keyhole Street" Out Now!

The 2 CD set of Pete Ham demos, recorded during 1966/67 is out now. It features 56 tracks and an eight page booklet, with notes written by Dan Matovina
Also out is a Pete Ham sinle featuring the two tracks "No, Don't Let it Go" bw "You're Such a Good Woman". Both tracks feautures new great overdubs, in the style of "Golders Green" and "7 Park Avenue"Comment added by webmaster 9.05.13.

May 9 - 2013

New Pete Ham 2 CD Release Ready For Pre-order

The Pete Ham estate is releasing a Limited Edition 50 track double CD set – “Keyhole Street: Demos 1966-67” – to coincide with a Blue Plaque Ceremony and Tribute concert to Pete Ham / Iveys / Badfinger taking place next year on his birthdate, April 27, 2013, in Pete’s hometown of Swansea in Wales. The following day a memorial stone will be unveiled at the Morriston Cemetary, which is where Pete’s ashes had been spread. Go to for more info on all events.

On January 9th, 90% of the necessasy pledges for its release have been put, and with 24 days still to go, it seems more than likely this extremely interesting release will see the light of day.
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Pre-Order Here!!

November - 2012

The Badfinger Compilation Delayed

The new Badfinger compilation originally planned for release in spring 2012 has apparently been delayed. No news about the release has be released for several months, so there are obviously complications

May 2 - 2012

A Change of Plans for the Stairs

The plan of releasing a compilation album has been postponed. The band want to concentrate on recording a full length new album in collaboration with young producer Jacob Brøndlund, who may also join the band on a more regular basis, filling in on the bass.

The working title for the new album is 'Rain and Circus' and the album is projected to include five newly written songs, 'Rain and Circus', 'Eurovision Contest Song', 'When the Failures Cry', 'China Town' and 'We Tend to Agree' along with re-recordings of 'What You're Looking for', 'Empty Chair', 'Fools Like Us', 'Back From The Sky' and 'Sherlock Holmes'. Recordings have been started by mid-June 2011, and the album is planned for release in winter 2011/2012.

Watch a Youtube slideshow of "Empty Chair"!!

July 24 - 2011 - source: The Stairs

New Badfinger Web-site

A new website of Badfinger has been launched. The site is working closely with Joey Molland

New Badfinger Website

March 25 - 2011 - source: #1 Badfinger Fan Bill

"Better Days" is Back!

Keith James has now issued three new editions og his great fanzine “Better Days” which contain articles, photos and memorabilia never before published in any book, magazine or internet article.
Each issue is 24-pages long and each page is A4 sized

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October 30 - 2010 - source: Keith James

Bonus-Tracks are Now Confirmed

Apple Records have now reveiled what the bonus-tracks on the 4 Badfinger albums will be. Besides several tracks that were also added as bonus-tracks on the previous re-issue series form the 1990's, tracks like "Baby Please"; "No Good At All", "Sing For the Song", "Name of the Game" (single version), "Regular" along with several songs in alternate versions will be included.
Pete Ham's "Piano Red" will only be released as digital download, which probably will be a disappointment to many fans.

Apple Records

August 6 - 2010 - source: Apple Records

Two "New" Iveys Tracks Released

Rpm Records has now released the third CD of rare Apple recordings, "Treacle Toffee World: Further Adventures Into The Pop Psych Sounds From The Apple Era 1967 - 1969" The CD comprises of 18 new and very rare tracks and completes the exploration of the catalogue of the Beatles' Apple Music Publishing company that began with RPM's release of '94 Baker Street' in 2004 and continued with 'An Apple A Day' from 2006.
George Alexander of Grapefruit, Pete Ham, Tom Evans and Ron Griffiths of The Iveys & Badfinger, Dave Lambert [Fire, Strawbs] and Gallagher & Lyle were but a few of the impressive stable of song writers under contract to Apple Music, and these are all represented.

October 23 - 2008 - source: Amazon and 991

New Video and Single From the Stairs

Unfortunately there has been very little news concerning new Badfinger releases; hopefully the projected Pete Ham third album and The Iveys collection will come in future, but no news about those project have come out lately.
Meanwhile fans of the Stairs can enjoy their two new single-releases, "Some Space For Me" and "What Loneliness Does - and of course, "Back From the Sky" is still out there on Utube.

Link here!
Link here!
Link here!

December 23 - 2007 - source: Tom Brennan

New Badfinger Radio Documentary on New Year's Day

A brand new BBC Radio Wales documentary titled "Without You: The Story Of Badfinger" will air on the radio and internet on New Year's Day, January 1, 2008. The documentary, narrated by James Dean Bradfield of Manic Street Preachers, has a running time of approximately 56 minutes and focuses heavily on Badfinger's music. It includes interview material from Paul McCartney, Pete Ham, Tom Evans, Bill Collins, Ron Griffiths, Bob Jackson, Ellie Gibbins, Petera Ham, Deke Leonard, Marianne Evans and others.

Link here!

December 23 - 2007 - source: Tom Brennan

By Morten Vindberg "Badfinger Wish You Were Here "

Read the newspapers from 1998-2007!



Biography of Joey Molland

Michael A. Cimino announced today the release of his latest book, "Badfinger and Beyond - The Biography of Joey Molland", the long awaited story of one of Rock and Roll's true underdogs.

Taken entirely from interviews conducted by the author, Badfinger and Beyond tells the story of life, death, and rip-offs on the Rock and Roll road. Joey Molland stands as the sole survivor of the original Badfinger band.

Michael Cimino is a former radio announcer who founded Cottage Views in 1993 as a grassroots print-to-paper newsletter reporting on new releases from musicians from the golden age of Rock music.

Cottage News Website

July 23 - 2011 - source: Michael Cimino