Magic Christian Music

Most popular songs - according to responses to my "Ultimate Badfinger Collection" feature

1. (82) Come And Get It
2. (74) Carry On Till Tomorrow
3. (56) Rock of All Ages
4. (52) Crimson Ship
5. (51) Midnight Sun

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To: From: "Stephen Sciucco Sr."

Favourite: beautiful and blue

How would you rate this album? 1-10 stars! : 10

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I am an Iveys/badfinger/ham fan

Name: Morten Vindberg
 From: Denmark
 URL: Haven't got one.
 Comments: The album contains three true Badfinger-classics: “Come and Get it”, “Crimson
 Ship” and”Midnight Sun” - all three would have fitted nicely into “No Dice” Two more track
 are among my favourites: “ Walk Out in The Rain” is a potential evergreen - a beautiful
 melody - well performed and well produced. I think the song would be a good choice for the
 Badfinger-movie. “Beautiful and Blue” is also a strong track - it somehow reminds me of
 “Eleanor Rigby” though the song is not as sad. “Rock of All Ages” and “Knocking Down Our
 Home” a good tracks too. The rest of the album are fillers for me. The bonus-tracks don’t
 help the album, in fact I think the original American version of the album is the most
                                                                12:10:20, October 26

 Name: Brennan Engle
 From: USA
 URL: Haven't got one.
 Comments: Magic Chrisian was kind of a mish mosh of things thrown together....a few singles
 and a b side and some sappy Iveys songs that sound like they should have been recorded in
 the '30s (I'm not a big fan of Iveys music) and a couple of decent rockers all dumped onto an was very haphazard and it shows that they had not quite developed the band's
 sound. Come and Get It, Midnight Sun, Carry On, Rock of All Ages, are the Badfingerish
 songs starting to emerge...however the hidden gems here are Pete's jazz tinged Walking In
 the Rain and They're Knocking Down our Home. 
                                                                18:11:03, October 25

 Name: Barb Alan Atkinson
 From: Tulsa, OK / USA
 URL: Haven't got one.
 Comments: I don't even consider this a Badfinger record. It was all recorded as The Iveys. The
 only songs that could have fit on a Badfinger record are Midnight Sun and Rock of All Ages.
 There are some nice pop songs like Crimson Ship and Carry on till Tomorrow and there are
 some embarrasing pop songs like Fisherman and Beautiful and Blue. The best Iveys' songs
 were left off this album i.e. See Saw Grandpa, Sali Bloo, ... Daddy's a Millionaire. The
 difference between this album and No Dice is jarring. 
                                                                15:18:05, October 25

 Name: Paul
 From: U.S.A
 URL: Haven't got one.
 Comments: I think the last track on the Maybe Tomorrow LP I've Been Waiting should show
 the next step for the groups direction period. It doesn't fit on the Iveys album anyways. Pete
 does an incredible job on Midnight Sun and Crimson Ship. Also Tom's Rock Of All Ages
 shows his definite interest in R&R! Mike is not really represented at all, but the musianship
 I think is strong and well presented. Even though 3 different producers contributed here I
 still think it shows a strong skill for the bandmembers and the future of the next 2 LP's
 worth of material. They write what they know and enjoy! 
                                                                20:11:41, October 24

 Name: Jesper
 From: DK
 URL: Haven't got one.
 Comments: It’s obvious that Badfinger have not found their style on Magic Christian Music .
 The real Badfinger sound is still missing. But they are getting closer to it with great songs
 like “Midnight Sun”, “Crimson Ship”, and the McCartney penned “Come And Get It”. “Walk
 Out In The Rain” is also a fantastic song, Pete is doing some of his best vocal work on it.
 BUT, it’s not really songs like “Walk Out in The Rain”, and “Carry On Till Tomorrow” you
 come to think of when you hear the name Badfinger, is it? Some of the songs from “Maybe
 Tomorrow” have been used once more on “Magic Christian Music”. The bonus-tracks would
 have fitted “Maybe Tomorrow” much better. 
                                                                11:10:11, October 24

 Name: Randy Justesen
 From: USA
 URL: Haven't got one.
 Comments: Great topic! I would say musicians never stop developing as writers and the point
 at which they stop creating is the point at which they are done as musicians. McCartney
 helped to launch them, but I think the band had many styles to show us and many we will
 never see with the death of 1/2 the band. 
                                                                11:06:50, October 24


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