Selected Bob Jackson Songs.

This is a selection of Bob Jackson songs which was written durings his days with Badfinger and The Dodgers. Bob Jackson joined Badfinger in 1974 and was a member of the band until they split after Pete's death in 1975. Tom Evans and Bob Jackson formed late 1975 The Dodgers, a band that existed till around 1979. Bob Jackson rejoined Badfinger early 1982 and stayed part of it, in spite of lots of troubles and and people walking in and out of the band, until Tommy's death in November 1983. He was part of the Badfinger's "Goodfinger" recordings, which have not yet been released.
Don't Know What You're Doing Get To You I've Seen A New Day
I Won't Forget You Moonshine Passed Fast
To Say Goodbye Turn Around

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